Vaginal Tightening Wands: Do They Work?

Vaginal relaxation is a reality for millions of women. It is actually a natural problem facilitated by ageing. Nearly all four billion women in the world will experience vaginal relaxation eventually. While age related vaginal relaxation is not much of a concern and it should not bother women who are over sixty years old, a loose vagina is indeed a problem if it is premature. Women can experience vaginal relaxation even in their thirties. Women who give birth to more than two children in quick succession will experience temporary or transient vaginal relaxation regardless of age, even in the early or mid twenties if they have multiple pregnancies and childbirths.

Vaginal relaxation is caused or worsened by age, pregnancies and vaginal childbirths, hormonal imbalance including low levels of estrogen, bodyweight and level of fitness, lifestyle and diet. Physical activity or the lack of it also plays a role. Interestingly, sexual intercourse or even sexual stimulation has little to do with vaginal relaxation. There is no correlation between frequent or infrequent sex and vaginal relaxation. Women who have a loose vagina may feel that frequent sex or hard sexual intercourse to an extent of being rough is a cause but it is not. Rough sexual intercourse may cause pain and might worsen the symptoms but it does not cause permanent vaginal relaxation.


Remedies for Vaginal Relaxation

There are many available remedies for vaginal relaxation, the least desirable of which is surgery. Vaginoplasty may seem to be a more surefire remedy but it is risky and hence unsafe. It is also expensive and does not guarantee the desired transformation. There are vaginal exercises, from Kegel to Yoga and more, that can be tried but many women do not have enough time or the motivation to be stringent with their workout routines. This is where vaginal tightening wands become relevant and at times necessary.

Vagina rejuvenation through cosmetic or plastic surgeries such as labiaplasty and vaginoplasty are ruled out due to cost and risk factors. These two procedures can cause serious side effects including permanent scarring, loss of sensation and stimulation, bleeding, nerve damage, infection, damage to the bladder and rectal damage among other problems. Topical solutions are often not the solution since the problem is at a muscular level and not epidermal or dermal in nature.


What are Vaginal Tightening Wands?

Vaginal tightening wands are a natural and safe remedy to have a firmer vagina. There is no side effect and the transformation is can be observed and is hence measurable. Vaginal tightening wands are usually made of natural ingredients, such as grassroots and other herbs as well as plant extracts. You will get to learn about ingredients such as Indonesian grassroots, pearl stratum powder, curcuma comosa, burneol and alum alumen.


Benefits of Vaginal Tightening Wands

Vagina tightening wands need to be inserted just like tampons. They are natural and safe so do not worry. They will easily glide into the vagina and you will not feel any pain or discomfort, unless you have chosen an outright unsuitable product. The wands are typically the size of a regular cigar. Here are the benefits of vaginal tightening wands.

These wands, which you may refer to as rods, increase the firmness of the vagina to the same extent as exercise will. The wands cause the vaginal muscles to be flexed, thereby engaging them actively and it influences the strengthening of the pelvic floor in due course of time.

The product is completely hygienic and safe. It is suitable for women regardless of age and medical history. It does not have anything to do with pregnancy or childbirth. Women who do not have any children yet or those who have many kids can comfortably use it when they are not pregnant or immediately after childbirth.

The wands can also counter vaginal odor. The rods effectively absorb the bad bacteria that accumulate in the vagina over a period of time and contribute the most to the foul odor. A smelly vagina is the last thing a woman wants, especially when she is already experiencing vaginal relaxation. The vaginal tightening wands can get rid of fishy and other foul odors, subsequently making the vagina smell normal and fresh.

The wands can regulate normal discharge. They tend to neutralize the acidity or basic nature of the vagina. The sticks can also improve sexual experience. This improvement is not elusive till your vaginal muscles are tightened or firmed up. The improvement will be realizable within a few days of using the vaginal tightening wands.

There are some pleasant implications of using vaginal tightening wands. They improve self esteem or confidence. They make a woman feel happier about herself and it shows in the way she acts and reacts. The vaginal tightening wands are not as invasive as surgeries and definitely not nearly as expensive.


How to Use Vaginal Tightening Wands

Vaginal tightening wands should be used for around fifteen to twenty minutes before having sex. The immediate effect is best experienced when you have such a routine before sexual intercourse. There is no prohibition on using the wands at other times of the day, evening or night. But you must not use the wands longer than thirty seconds every time.

You must first moisten the wand, especially the head, with lukewarm water. You must use running water to ensure the head is cleaned, especially if it has been used before. You should insert the moistened head of the wand into the vagina. Rotate the wand slightly and slowly. Repeat this rotating for up to twenty seconds at a time. Pull the wand out, no later than thirty seconds. You do not wish to tighten the vaginal muscles beyond the firmness necessary. Always clean your vaginal tightening wands before you put them way for later use.

You do not have to use any other product with the vaginal tightening wands, unless the manufacturer or the brand has recommended something specific. The wands work without the need of creams, lotions or gels.