Vaginal Tightening Pills: What You Should Know

Vaginal relaxation is common among ageing women. Those who opt for natural childbirth may experience temporary vaginal relaxation. Women who have given birth to two or more children are more likely to have a relaxed vagina. It is difficult to say that only natural childbirth is the cause because a caesarean section also weakens the pelvic muscles, especially when a woman undergoes the procedure multiple times. Menopause has an effect on vaginal tightness, so do lack of exercise, obesity and many other lifestyle factors.

Common Remedies for Vaginal Relaxation

What is referred to as loose vagina or vagina loosening is basically vaginal relaxation. The muscles in the vaginal area are weaker than they should be. The pelvic floor may get lowered in due course of time. These cause the vagina go feel and actually turn looser or more relaxed. The solution is vaginal rejuvenation. There are many remedies widely recommended for vaginal rejuvenation or vaginal tightening. There are pills, gels or creams, surgery and exercises. Losing weight, exercises of the pelvic muscles, diet and maintaining an active & healthy lifestyle would definitely help. Creams or topical solutions like V-Tight Gel would help. Surgery is a risky procedure and also quite expensive. It is quite possible the surgery would be completely ineffective. There are serious side effects including complete loss of sensation in the vagina. Many women need to opt for surgery more than once. Vaginoplasty, which is the surgical procedure for vaginal reconstruction, is not the first preference for most women.

In recent years, a plethora of vaginal tightening pills have flooded the market. Some of them are recommended by doctors too but most are over the counter pills. Many of these vaginal tightening pills have no scientific backing. There are simply claims and counterclaims. It is normal for women to wonder if vaginal tightening pills have any desired effect at all. Since there is a lot of misinformation around and substantial hype about vaginal tightening pills, it is necessary to get down to the facts and explore the scientific foundation of claims being made by companies and endorsers of such products.

What are Vaginal Tightening Pills?

There is no lucid way to describe or even classify vaginal tightening pills. A myriad of ingredients have made their way into these pills. Some pills are natural but most have a combination of herbal extracts and chemicals. Artificial ingredients are widely used by the pharmaceutical industry. It is unclear and near impossible to know the actual composition of vaginal tightening pills. This is what makes the entire debate in favor of such pills to be rooted in speculation. Till such time one gets to know what the exact ingredients are and then explore the scientific evidence suggesting their effects on vaginal tightening, there is no way anyone can have an informed opinion or a surefire inference.

Claims of Vaginal Tightening Pills

There are many vaginal tightening pills that claim to restore libido by providing a natural alternative of estrogen and this apparently has an effect on the strength as well as form of the muscles. There are many pills that claim to be able to restore the muscular strength with the help of many herbal extracts. It is unclear how improving libido would have an impact on vaginal tightening when it is actually muscular strength that determines its firmness. Libido actually loosens the vagina during sex. Women who are not adequately aroused have tighter vagina and this often leads to painful sex. Many women are compelled to use lubricants because low libido or lack of sexual stimulation and subsequent arousal make vaginas drier and unresponsive to sexual intercourse. If libido was the answer to vaginal relaxation or loosening then those with amazing sex drive would have an even tighter vagina. But that is not the case.

Often, women experience their vaginas to be tighter after menopause because the levels of estrogen plummet and this has a direct impact on libido or sex drive. This proves a direct correlation between estrogen and vaginal tightness. Women with normal or high levels of estrogen would have a more lubricated, responsive and flexible vagina while having sex. This will of course get restored to the normal form and state when the estrogen level drops. Women do not have the same estrogen level all the time. It is a hormone and it is bound to fluctuate. The vaginal firmness and its ability to lubricate will depend on the availability of estrogen secreted by the body. Hence, restoring estrogen levels with the help of natural or herbal alternatives would lubricate the vagina and make it more flexible during sex. It would not tighten a vagina since that is not what estrogen does.

These two realities completely defeat the arguments of many companies and endorsers that natural alternatives for estrogen, aphrodisiacs and other herbal extracts can tighten the vaginal muscles. There are many vaginal tightening pills that have been found to be completely unsafe and ineffective. They are just voodoo pills that perhaps do nothing and worse, they may cause serious harm. The female body is anyway a complicated system and one should not pop in a random pill without knowing what it might do or be capable of. Endorsers of vaginal tightening pills often cite ingredients like Morinda Citrifolio or Noni and Kacip Fatimah as being effective against vaginal relaxation. Let us explore such claims too.

The Truth about Vaginal Tightening Pills

Morinda Citrifolia or Noni is a fruit. It is safe when you eat this fruit but medicinal use of the extracts of Noni has been deemed relatively unsafe. It is not outright dangerous and the extract of this fruit is indeed used for some health problems. However, there are some side effects too. Concentrated extracts of Noni can cause damage to liver and kidneys. Breastfeeding or lactating women should not consume this extract or the fruit even. Pregnant women must avoid it. Those who have high level of potassium or are vulnerable to retain more potassium in their blood than what is deemed normal should avoid this fruit and its extract. Noni is very rich in potassium. Morinda Citrifolia has been scientifically proven to being effective in treating some health conditions but it has not been studied for its effects on vaginal relaxation and hence cannot be classified as a vaginal tightening agent or herbal extract.

The other ingredient many endorsers claim to be effective in vaginal tightening pills is Kacip Fatimah. This is an herb. It has been used in traditional medicine in many Asian cultures, mostly Malaysia and later in Java and Sumatra. The herb is classified as an aphrodisiac. It is antibacterial, antifungal and anti flatulent. The entire plant may be used as the source of an extract. Its root, stem and leaves are also used separately or collectively for some extracts. The herb has quite a few health benefits for women. It is also deemed as a phytoestrogen, which is the natural alternative of estrogen found in plants. This is what makes it an aphrodisiac for women. Estrogen has not got a direct correlation with vaginal tightening. It is a causal factor for lubrication, sex drive or libido, sexual pleasure and orgasm. It does not cause any perpetual tightening of vagina. Since estrogen does not have any such ability, phytoestrogen being a natural alternative is no answer to vaginal relaxation.

These herbal extracts are not used in all vaginal tightening pills and some that do are not clear as to how much of the concentrates there is. The extracts can be unsafe in certain concentrations. For instance, Morinda Citrifolia should not be consumed by any woman who is vulnerable to estrogen sensitive cancers. Pregnant, lactating or breastfeeding women should not consume these extracts or the fruits and herbs in their natural form.

Topical Solutions are Safer and More Effective

A topical solution is always safer than a pill that needs to be ingested. A topical solution does not get to directly interact with the vital organs and causes no major changes to any of the life supporting functions of the various systems. Topical solutions are mostly facilitative. They target only the specific area where the cream or a gel is applied and do not interfere with other bodily functions. Pills on the other hand interfere with several bodily functions. Right from metabolism to the composition of blood, the secretion of many hormones to the normal functioning of different organs, pills may have positive or negative effects. Since most vaginal tightening pills do not have any scientific backing, they cannot be deemed as either effective or entirely safe.

You can choose a fitting alternative to vaginal tightening pills. V-Tight Gel is a completely natural remedy. It is a topical solution. There are no side effects and you can combine it with exercise as well as lifestyle and dietary changes. The V-Tight Gel would not interfere with your diet, sleep, sex life or anything else. It is a completely noninvasive remedy that is also reasonably priced.