Everything You Need To Know About Vaginal Bleaching

Skin is the largest organ in the human body. It is almost perfect with dozens of unique attributes. However, it has a few imperfections too. An uneven skin tone is one of the most common problems that nearly every person on the planet has to deal with. It is not a gender specific problem, neither related to genetics nor ethnicity. Hyper pigmentation causes an uneven skin tone. Certain parts of your body will have slightly darker skin. This is not confined to the vaginal or genital area. Hyper pigmentation can occur anywhere but it is more likely to affect concealed skin, especially near the joints and where there are more sweat glands. Hyper pigmentation is more common on and around vagina, penis, buttocks, armpits, folds of arms and legs, base of neck and along the lower waist or the hip flexors.

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What is Hyper-Pigmentation?

Hyper-pigmentation is a harmless skin condition. Some patches of skin turn darker than the normal complexion of a person. This darkening is usually due to excessive melanin in the skin. Melanin is the brown pigment that contributes to the natural color of the skin. If there is too much of this pigment in certain parts of the skin on your body, then you will have dark patches. It is not necessary for these dark patches to be of the same severity, size or shape. They may be subtle or obvious, confined to tiny patches or spread across larger parts, feel a little different than normal skin or be identical when touched.

Hyper-pigmentation, darkening of the skin or the dark patches should not be confused with any other skin condition. There are over twenty skin conditions that can cause changes to the color in one or more parts of the skin in humans. Radiation therapy, sunburn, candida, rosacea, burns, tinea versicolor, contact dermatitis, strawberry nevus, eczema, bleeding into the skin, vitiligo, stasis ulcer, basal cell carcinoma, actinic keratosis, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, melasma and blue spots are well researched, investigated and understood skin conditions. None of these have anything to do with the darkening of the skin on and around your vagina.

Uneven Skin Tone in the Vaginal Area

Only a few women in the world are lucky to have a flawless and spotless vagina. Most women in the world and that accounts for almost four billion people will have somewhat darker skin in their genital area compared to their natural complexion. This is not just about white or black women. This is true for all other races. Those who have brown skin will have darker shades of brown in their genital or vaginal skin. The reverse is never the case. There are quite a few reasons why this happens and hyper-pigmentation is one.

The vaginal area is sweaty, moisture remains trapped for long hours, tight clothing rub against the skin around the vagina, there is limited ventilation and the part of the skin is not taken as care of as the skin on our face, neck, arms or rest of the body. Prolonged sweating, rubbing against tight clothing and friction during other activities, including sex and exercise, lack of moisturizing when needed, excessive sweating when it is not ideal, overall health, age, quality of skin, dietary choices and lifestyle play a role in the darkening of the skin on the labia and around the vagina.

A darker vagina may be detrimental in more than one way. First, women do not feel sexy or confident when they find their vaginal area is not flawless. Every woman knows that perfection is elusive and it is truly futile to chase such aesthetic ideals but it is quite hard to believe and exercise that in the real world all the time. Second, the skin does feel a little different due to the excessive pigments. It feels a little sweaty, the texture is more leathery and there can be some changes to sensitivity. Both these are reasons enough to consider vaginal bleaching.


What is Vaginal Bleaching?

Vaginal bleaching is literally what the term means. It is a process of whitening the skin in the vaginal area. You may hear terms such as vaginal lightening or genital bleaching. All effectively mean the same. Vaginal bleaching is not new. It has been around for decades. Porn stars, strippers and super models have bleached their genital area for a long time now. Actors and actresses are no strangers to vaginal bleaching, regardless of whether or not they have had to do any nude scene or an adult movie. Today, common women who do not have anything to do with these industries are considering vaginal bleaching. It is no longer a secret. It is not a taboo. It is not expensive. It is absolutely normal for a woman to long for a more even skin tone in and around the genital area. This may not even have anything to do with her sex life or how sexy she feels. She may simply want to feel nice about the skin tone down under.

Vaginal bleaching is a relatively safe process but not all methods are reliable. There are some rather harmful products out there that you should definitely stay away from. Do not explore unproven ways to bleach the skin on and around your vagina. Vaginal bleaching solutions are often used by women and also men to treat hyper-pigmentation on buttocks and anal skin darkening. Some solutions can work for both vaginal bleaching and anal bleaching but not all will be equally effective. If you are considering vaginal bleaching, you must explore all your options and then choose the safest, most reliable and viable solution.

Effects of Vaginal Bleaching

It is necessary to understand how vaginal bleaching works and the kind of changes you can expect. This will help you to have realistic goals and you will also be a more informed judge. Do not expect the vaginal skin to look as great as the skin on your face, neck or many other parts of the body. The skin will lighten up, feel refreshed and it will be much closer to your natural complexion. The texture of the skin will be better, it will be more sensitive in some cases if someone had experienced a loss of sensitivity, there will be less sweat in normal circumstances and the result will be sustainable.

However, the skin will not turn light pink from dark pink in one night. Those who have a substantially brownish or blackish vaginal skin will not suddenly have white or pale skin in the genital area. The transformation will be gradual and subtle, leading to a result that will be obvious. Expecting the vaginal skin to be bleached to an extent that it attains the same tone as some other and more flawless parts of the body is being a tad overoptimistic.


Types of Vaginal Bleaching

There are three options at your discretion. You can consult a dermatologist, visit a spa or try a vaginal bleaching cream. A dermatologist will do more than just offer a remedy. Your skin type and its health will be assessed. The exact cause of hyper-pigmentation and facilitating factors will be ascertained. You will be recommended a few topical remedies, not very different from vaginal bleaching creams that you can anyway buy over the counter. The prescribed creams or vaginal bleaching lotions are not necessarily better or safer than over the counter products. The best dermatologists in the business will recommend dietary and lifestyle changes as well. Some will go to the extent of suggesting changes in apparel, innerwear and nightwear.

Salons or spas have vaginal bleaching treatments. These may involve vaginal bleaching creams and other remedies. You will get what can be best described as a full service. You can also go for other treatments too, such as pubic hair removal. Both dermatologists and salons or spas will cost you money, more than what you will pay for vaginal bleaching creams. Almost every dermatologist will require you to visit for consultation, diagnosis, treatment and follow up more than once. Salons or spas will also need more than one visit. The results are often transient so you may have to keep opting for the treatment time and again and end up adding a recurring expense to your budget every few months.

Vaginal bleaching creams are relatively affordable. They are as safe as any other prescribed remedy. Such creams have been widely used by women around the world. There are enough case studies, sufficient scientific research and clinical data to prove they work. There are obviously some unsafe creams, many ineffective products and a few expensive over the counter solutions. You must avoid these. Make an informed choice and you will be satiated with a safe, effective and affordable vaginal bleaching cream.

How to Choose a Vaginal Bleaching Cream

Always choose a natural vaginal bleaching cream. Do not choose one made of chemicals. Pick a renowned brand that has a credible track record with its vaginal bleaching creams. Read as much as you can about the specific brand and the particular cream you wish to pick and then check out all the ingredients, get familiar with the instructions and find relevant reviews of users so you can be sure of the efficacy of the product.

You must avoid chemicals such as hydroquinone. This chemical agent is a carcinogen. It can cause uterus cancer and other health issues. This is one of the most effective chemical agents that can lighten the skin in your vaginal area to a great extent. The risks are simply not worth taking. Many products contain irritants that can cause skin infections or painful side effects. Avoid such products. The criteria you should use to choose a vaginal bleaching cream must include ingredients, brand name, where the company is based and where it has manufactured the product, packaging, user reviews or testimonials and refund policy.

Do not try a product that has not been tested before or by very few women. Do not try a product solely because there is a money back guarantee. You have more to lose than the money you pay to buy the cream. Avoid buying a sizeable kit the very first time. Go for samples or starter kits. You can always restock later.


The Best Vaginal Bleaching Creams

You should avoid creams that have hydroquinone, steroids, parabens and mercury among other chemicals. Avoid all creams that have abrasive substances. Do not choose creams that have dyes and strong odors. Prioritize natural ingredients. Go for Kojic Acid Dipalmitate, Mulberry Extract, Alpha Arbutin and other plant based derivatives. These will be effective and there will be no side effect. Check the information of the manufacturer. Read the label, find out more about the company, check its licenses, registration and certifications, know its policies including shipping and returns, refer to studies if available or pay heed to genuine reviews.

All over the counter vaginal bleaching creams can be used at home. They may have varying effects depending on the extent of hyper-pigmentation. Not every type of skin responds identically to the same ingredients so your experience may be somewhat different from what another user will report. Observe changes, look out for sensitivity and irritation, any unnatural sensation and how much the skin is lightening up as you use a particular cream. One of the best vaginal bleaching creams available today is the Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum.

Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum is for women. It is safe and effective. It is specifically for vaginal bleaching. There are some other safe and effective vaginal lightening creams but they are not specified as such. Lakshma Maxxi, Pink Privates, Revitol and Biofade are used by women and men. They have not had reported harmful effects but they are not just used for vaginal bleaching. They are used for general skin tone lightening. You may or may not experience the best outcomes with these. Amaira makes the serum primarily for vaginal bleaching. The skin on the labia and the vulva is thicker than the skin on the arms or face. The skin may be more sensitive but its composition is substantially different. Hence, a vaginal bleaching cream has to be designed for the skin in the genital area to be optimally effective.