Vagina Tightening Exercises: What You Need To Know

Every muscle in the human body has the ability to expand and contract. Its composition and your ability to control or flex it determine the strength and endurance. Muscles undergo considerable wearing over the years and it is a natural process. The weakening of the muscles is also facilitated by many unavoidable factors. The truth is the inevitable consequence of weak muscles. Most muscles in the human body will have limited range of motion, reduced strength and declining endurance. The vaginal muscles are not an exception.

Vaginal Relaxation Explained

There are three main reasons why women experience vaginal relaxation, often referred to as a loose vagina. Ageing is the primary cause. The second cause is pregnancy and childbirth. Multiple pregnancies and childbirths quicken the process of vaginal relaxation. The third cause is a combination of factors. Overall health, body mass index or bodyweight, lifestyle, diet and lack of exercise have a cumulative impact on the vaginal muscles.

Vaginal relaxation or a loose vagina is not indicative of an underlying medical problem. There may be some diagnosed condition but the loosening is mainly due to weaker muscles in the pelvic area. The vagina has several external parts and many internal parts. The external sexual anatomy of a woman comprises the labia or lips, clitoris, opening of the urethra, vaginal opening, anus and mons pubis. The internal sexual anatomy of a woman comprises the vaginal tube, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, fimbriae, ovaries, Bartholin’s glands and Skene’s glands, hymen and Gräfenberg spot.

All the internal and external parts of the sexual anatomy of a woman are expected to work optimally and serve their purposes. These are held together in their proper places by the musculoskeletal structure in and around the pubic, pelvic and lower abdominal area. If there is any musculoskeletal problem in these areas then the positions of some of the organs may shift, a few parts may be stressed, strained or compressed, there can be lack of stimulation or optimum functioning of some of the parts and there will be a certain extent of vaginal relaxation.


The Significance of Exercises to Tighten your Vagina

Musculoskeletal conditions can be remedied with exercise, including or excluding therapy depending on the exact nature of the problem. Since vaginal relaxation is a muscular problem at its crux, unless there is any skeletal anomaly or injury caused to the bones in the pubic or pelvic area, the remedy has to be exercise. There is of course surgery and other remedies but exercise is the most natural, safest and holistic way to tighten your vagina. The significance of exercises to tighten your vagina cannot be overstated. Millions of women have experienced positive results and there is no reason why you should not have the vaginal tightness or firmness restored.


Vagina Exercises to Tighten your Vagina


Kegel Exercises

The most popular remedy is Kegel exercises. Named after Dr. Arnold Kegel, the gynecologist who proposed and developed the exercises as one of the methods to manage incontinence, there is now a spectrum of workouts that you can rely on to train the vaginal muscles, including the pelvic floor, so you can have much greater control. Stronger and flexible muscles are easier to control. They have greater endurance. They also hold the various anatomical parts in their proper positions and facilitating their optimum functioning.

Kegel exercises are quite simple. The focus is on squeezing and contracting the vaginal walls, holding them in that position for up to eight seconds at a time and subsequently relaxing the same muscles. You are required to repeat every such squeezing or contracting and then relaxing or expanding the muscles around ten times. Every set of ten repetitions can be performed at least thrice. You can choose one to three Kegel exercises and work out twice or three times every day.

You may or may not choose a weight. There are Kegel exercise balls available for women who wish to choose a weight. Start with a weight that you think is sufficient given your strength and present level of fitness. You can always increase the weight later. You can start with normal Kegel flex or stretch, graduate to Kegel bridge and Kegel march. These are relatively simple exercises and a short video will help you to get started.

Kegel Exercise



Yoga is one of the most effective forms of exercise when it comes to restoring the natural strength, endurance and flexibility of muscles. Yoga also enhances skeletal strength. Your core strength, the sense of balance and actual control of various voluntarily movable parts of your body will be substantially enhanced. There are various yoga poses or postures that work directly on the pelvic floor. The muscles in the pelvic floor can be worked on in an isolated manner and there are composite workouts that can also target other muscles groups and hence help you with overall weight loss and fitness.

You can try yogic squat, also known as malasana. Legs up the wall is a useful exercise but make sure you have the right posture, breathe properly and balance yourself in the right manner, without exerting unnecessary pressure on wrong muscle groups. You can try the child’s pose and reclined bound angle too. Yoga serves as the predecessor of the contemporary plank and bridge. Yoga also serves as the inspiration for many pilates exercises and other newer workouts. There are many yoga poses you can choose from.


Other Effective Vagina Exercises to Tighten your Vagina

Bodyweight has a correlation with vaginal relaxation. You must lose some weight and try to attain the ideal body mass index. This does not mean every slender woman is immune to vaginal relaxation. It is simply so that obese and overweight woman will take longer to tighten their vagina because of weaker control of their pelvic muscles.

Walking, jogging or running, routine workouts at a gym, any other type of cardio or aerobics and activities of various kinds that require physical movement and exertion will help with weight loss. There are some rather common yet effective vagina exercises to tighten your vagina. Squatting is a great workout. You do not need to carry weights during your squats. Make sure you flex the hip flexor muscles and use your pelvic floor to maintain the poise and power your squats. Many women and also men use their calves and thighs without exerting any pressure or effectively contracting and expanding their hip flexor and pelvic floor muscles. Squats are futile if the hip flexor and pelvic floor muscles are not engaged.

Chinese balls have helped many women experience some improvement. These balls are used as you use tampons. They are inserted into the vagina. They can strengthen the pelvic muscles and also be a source of pleasure. Many women perform Kegel exercises while having these balls inserted into their vagina. The Chinese balls are not very different from Kegel exercise balls but they are not identical. It is also important to note that you should not overuse these balls. Limit exercising with them to ten minutes or at the most fifteen minutes in an entire day. Such limited exercise may not suffice so the rest of the time you work out should be without the balls.

Two other effective exercises to tighten your vagina are vertical scissors and vaginal weight lifting. Vertical scissors do not require any equipment or aid. Vaginal weight lifting will require some but you can avoid it if you want. The purpose of all vagina exercises is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles so they can be flexed and controlled more effectively. Voluntary control plays an important role initially. In due course of time, you will experience a tighter or firmer vagina when it will not feel relaxed even when you are not consciously controlling it or trying to squeeze and contract the walls.

Vaginal Weightlifting

The Expected Outcome of the Exercises to Tighten your Vagina

The aforementioned exercises are not very different from routine workouts of fitness enthusiasts. Every muscle in the human body needs to be challenged for it to be strengthened. It will have enhanced endurance over a period of time. The transformation cannot be overnight. The muscles in the pelvic area will get stronger. They will help in the healing of any scar tissue and other problems that may not have been diagnosed. The stronger muscles will then naturally tighten the vagina, including its internal and external parts.

It should be noted that these exercises to tighten your vagina are aimed at improving the actual feeling of firmness. You may have a bit of wrinkling or a little saggy skin on or around your vagina. Some of these aesthetic concerns may get addressed with the exercises but not entirely. These exercises will restore the youthful firmness of your vagina and help you feel much better during sex or even foreplay and stimulation. The exercises and hence a firmer vagina does play a role in orgasm. Older women who have incontinence and other issues will also experience considerable relief with many of the aforementioned exercises.