How To Make Your Vagina Look Pretty

There are many ways to make your vag look pretty. Some are invasive but you can always go for noninvasive and aesthetic ways to perk up the nether region. You can add some bling, invest in routine grooming or pick a healthy way to make your vaginal lips and muscles stronger as well as prettier at the same time. Here is a comprehensive guide illustrating how to make your vagina look pretty.

  • You can choose a wig for your genital area. This is commonly known as merkin. You can explore a plethora of merkins online. They vary in size, shape and color. You can find distinct patterns. There are some common colors that would match your natural pubic hair, some may accentuate the skin tone down there and some can be quite bold, which may not be a bad option for those special kinky moments. There is a whole realm of beautiful merkins out there, from red hearts to quirky toupees.
  • You may consider vajazzling. This is like jewelling your pubic area. There are various types of crystals available and they can add just the kind of bling you want. You may also choose some precious metal or gemstone if you can afford them. There are women who buy gold whiskers and sterling silver ornaments for their vaginal beautification.
  • You can choose to bleach your vaginal lips, also known as labia. Bleaching the labia (vaginal whitening) is not as painful as you may perceive. You have to choose a reliable and safe product, one that would not cause any inflammation or infection, one that would not lead to itchiness or any kind of irritation and one that will safely accentuate the vaginal lips without causing any damage to the skin. Normal bleaches would not work for your labia. There are special gels meant for vaginal labia. Some of these could be expensive but then safety does come at a cost.
  • Many women prefer vaginal laser rejuvenation. Of the various cosmetic surgeries that you can explore, laser vaginal rejuvenation is both healthy and accentuating. Your vagina would be cleaner, the cells would be rejuvenated and the muscles would be stimulated. Your vagina would also be lubricated as a result. The procedure is invasive but it is not painful at all. You can have the session after work or even during your midday break if you have enough time. It is an outpatient procedure. You do not have to get admitted. You may not even need anyone to drive you back to your home or office.
  • Since we are talking about tiny crystals, wigs, jewelry and bleach, it is only fitting that you consider some lipstick for your vulva. This is not at all outlandish. Many women use vulva lipstick and some of these products can actually be beneficial. Vaginal lips are different from facial lips but they have one thing in common. Both can get chafed over time. Vulva lipstick can take care of your vaginal labia. There is a myriad of colors you can explore and you should actually have a palette at your disposal.
  • You must have heard of vaginal facial. Some people call it vagacial. Let aside the nomenclature and think of the various benefits of vaginal facial. Older people are recommended to go for a facial, not solely for the cosmetic or aesthetic benefits. Facial can counter and even reverse some signs of ageing, even if the results are temporary. Vaginal facial would cleanse the area, moisturize the lips and the surrounding region and you would have a much smoother vagina. This may not be much of an elusive goal for young women. Older women know how vaginas deteriorate over the years, just like other parts of the body.
  • Waxing is a customary grooming ritual for women. Brazilian wax has always been popular among women. You can choose Brazilian wax or you may go for a French wax. The result is prettier with the latter. You may hire a specialist or go for one of the premium spas in town. You may also choose to do this yourself. Many women around the world have learned Brazilian wax and French wax on their own. There is no dearth of videos online. You may take a session or two to master it if you are completely unfamiliar but you will save some money.
  • Yoni egg is one of the kinkier options on this list. You have to basically put this crystal into your vagina and the smaller beads effectively hang out like it is an earring for your vagina. This is not ideal for every woman but there are times when you can toy with some unconventional ways to spice things up. The yoni egg has no risks whatsoever and sexual intercourse can be more pleasurable. It can be particularly lustful if that is something you want.
  • If you are not averse to the idea of an invasive procedure then you can consider piercing your clitoris. There are two options at your disposal. You can pierce the head of the clitoris. This is not exactly the clitoris but the hood and you must have enough of it to facilitate the piercing. The other option is to pierce the clitoris itself. This is not ideal as you could damage a nerve or more in the process. Many women consider this but only some women go for it. You can avoid this if you want but an option exists so you should be aware. The procedure does require some recovery time. Sexual intercourse can be painful for some weeks. Women who choose to pierce their clitoris often report being too sensitive to touch, let aside actual intercourse.
  • A better alternative is a labia clip that does not have to be pierced. It is kind of a clip on that looks just like something you would sport if you had a pierced clitoris but there is no invasive process here and no major risks. These clips come in various colors and styles.
  • You can also consider using a natural vaginal tightening gel, like V-Tight Gel, to improve your vaginal tightness without the need to consider dangerous surgery. This is certainly a much cheaper and safer alternative to vagioplasty too.