How To Make Your Vagina Look Lighter

Ideally, your vagina should be of the same color and tone as your skin. If you are white, then your vagina should be white. If you are black, your vagina should be black. If you are whitish, brownish, blackish or any shade among the transitions of various common colors of human skin then your vagina should also be of that hue and tone. However, this is not the case for most women. Most women have slightly or substantially darker vagina.

A vagina has no color. There is no true or ideal color for the skin around the vaginal muscles and labia or lips. The same fact applies to the clitoris as well. A Caucasian woman may have a substantially darker clitoris. An African woman can have a much lighter clitoris given the natural color of her skin. There are many factors that contribute to the exact shade of your vagina. While every woman would love to have the perfect shade in order to feel sexy, confident and satiated, the reality is rarely so comforting. Let us explore why your vagina may be darker than your skin tone and what you can do about it.

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Reasons for a Darker Vagina

Vagina is rarely lighter than the skin tone on your face, neck and arms or other visible parts of your body. Vagina will be slightly darker and it should not be a concern. Genetics plays a crucial role in determining such features. Some women have lighter vaginas if the dominant genes favor that and some women have darker vaginas because that is what they are genetically predisposed to.

The concern is when a woman notices her vagina getting darker for some reason. This is just as common as a darker vagina to begin with. Most women will notice substantial changes to the color, tone and even texture of the skin down there. Many women have darker vaginas when they are sexually aroused. Most women will also have darker vaginas as they age. These are normal and completely natural. There is no need to fret these but you must take some corrective actions.  Vaginal whitening has become all the rage in recent times though.

Darkening of vaginas should be a concern if there are other problems, such as itchiness or a rash. There could be fluidic discharges or an infection. Rapid changes of color over a span of time are also a concern. Some cosmetic products such as talcum powder can cause vaginas to darken in due course of time. Other causes of a darker vagina include hormonal imbalance, weight gain, vitamin deficiency, frequent shaving, extremely tight clothing and especially underwear, use of some new cosmetic or grooming product, polycystic ovarian syndrome, hypothyroidism and gastric cancer. A darker vagina can be just because of excessive melanin in the skin.

Natural Remedies for a Lighter Vagina

There are some natural and homemade solutions to your quest of exploring how to make your vagina lighter. It should be noted that these remedies are applicable only when there is no serious condition affecting the color of your vaginal skin. If you are suffering from any of the aforementioned medical conditions, then the natural remedies may not be able to make your vagina lighter unless the infection or ailment is treated.

  • You should lose weight if you are overweight or obese. Gaining weight leads to buildup of fatty tissues in various parts of the body, including the vaginal area. The fatty tissues lead to a leathery texture on the skin. The deposited fatty tissues will make the skin look darker and it would feel different too. Lose weight and your vagina will get lighter. Maintain a healthy weight thereafter.
  • Try to use undergarments made of cotton. Do not opt for blends if you have sensitive skin. Go for organically grown cotton. Such types of quality underwear would cost you but that is a price you have to pay for a lighter vagina. You should avoid wearing extremely tight clothes. Avoid all clothes that do not absorb any sweat generated in and around the pelvic and vaginal area. Go for clothes that allow your skin to breathe.
  • Get rid of the talcum powder and hair removal products if you think they are the cause or one of the facilitating factors. In all likelihood, talcum powder and hair removal cream are darkening your vagina. Shun them and increase your daily water intake. Increase the servings of fruits. You will notice some difference unless there is another physiological condition affecting the color and texture of your vagina.
  • There are many natural solutions you can prepare at home and apply them for a lighter vagina. You can use yogurt and oatmeal to exfoliate the skin. You could use yogurt and orange peel powder, make a paste and apply it. You may apply lemon or its juice. Do not mix lemon juice with anything else. Make sure there is no bruise or open wound on the skin when you apply lemon. Always use fresh homemade lemon juice, not the packaged or bottled ones.
  • You may go for a mix of gram flour, some drops of lemon juice and a bit of milk to make a nice paste. Apply it and let it rest for around fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash off the paste with water. This remedy is an effective skin lightener. You may also choose to combine lime juice and yogurt paste. Follow the same routine as with the gram flour, lemon juice and milk paste. You may try either or both but you should be regular with the natural treatment.
  • You may use papaya or tomatoes and rub them on the skin to lighten it. You can also use potato slices. Potatoes can regulate inflammation and can hence counter any darkening as a result. You can use some turmeric paste and spread it around the vagina. Turmeric works wonders for the skin. There are herbal vaginal bleaching creams available in stores. You could also use cucumber extract, rose extract, seaweed and aloe vera to concoct homemade creams. All these answers to how to make your vagina look lighter require time to produce the desired results. When it comes to lightening your vaginal area it’s important to remember that you cannot expect an overnight transformation. You may also want to consider using a vaginal tightening cream to keep your vagina walls tight too.