Vagina Tightening Exercises: What You Need To Know

Every muscle in the human body has the ability to expand and contract. Its composition and your ability to control or flex it determine the strength and endurance. Muscles undergo considerable wearing over the years and it is a natural process. The weakening of the muscles is also facilitated by many unavoidable factors. The truth is the inevitable consequence of weak muscles. Most muscles in the human body will have limited range of motion, reduced strength and declining endurance. The vaginal muscles are not an exception.

Vagina Tightening Exercises

Vaginal Relaxation Explained

There are three main reasons why women experience vaginal relaxation, often referred to as a loose vagina. Ageing is the primary cause. The second cause is pregnancy and childbirth. Multiple pregnancies and childbirths quicken the process of vaginal relaxation. The third cause is a combination of factors. Overall health, body mass index or bodyweight, lifestyle, diet and lack of exercise have a cumulative impact on the vaginal muscles.

Vaginal relaxation or a loose vagina is not indicative of an underlying medical problem. There may be some diagnosed condition but the loosening is mainly due to weaker muscles in the pelvic area. The vagina has several external parts and many internal parts. The external sexual anatomy of a woman comprises the labia or lips, clitoris, opening of the urethra, vaginal opening, anus and mons pubis. The internal sexual anatomy of a woman comprises the vaginal tube, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, fimbriae, ovaries, Bartholin’s glands and Skene’s glands, hymen and Gräfenberg spot.

All the internal and external parts of the sexual anatomy of a woman are expected to work optimally and serve their purposes. These are held together in their proper places by the musculoskeletal structure in and around the pubic, pelvic and lower abdominal area. If there is any musculoskeletal problem in these areas then the positions of some of the organs may shift, a few parts may be stressed, strained or compressed, there can be lack of stimulation or optimum functioning of some of the parts and there will be a certain extent of vaginal relaxation.


The Significance of Exercises to Tighten your Vagina

Musculoskeletal conditions can be remedied with exercise, including or excluding therapy depending on the exact nature of the problem. Since vaginal relaxation is a muscular problem at its crux, unless there is any skeletal anomaly or injury caused to the bones in the pubic or pelvic area, the remedy has to be exercise. There is of course surgery and other remedies but exercise is the most natural, safest and holistic way to tighten your vagina. The significance of exercises to tighten your vagina cannot be overstated. Millions of women have experienced positive results and there is no reason why you should not have the vaginal tightness or firmness restored.


Vagina Exercises to Tighten your Vagina


Kegel Exercises

The most popular remedy is Kegel exercises. Named after Dr. Arnold Kegel, the gynecologist who proposed and developed the exercises as one of the methods to manage incontinence, there is now a spectrum of workouts that you can rely on to train the vaginal muscles, including the pelvic floor, so you can have much greater control. Stronger and flexible muscles are easier to control. They have greater endurance. They also hold the various anatomical parts in their proper positions and facilitating their optimum functioning.

Kegel exercises are quite simple. The focus is on squeezing and contracting the vaginal walls, holding them in that position for up to eight seconds at a time and subsequently relaxing the same muscles. You are required to repeat every such squeezing or contracting and then relaxing or expanding the muscles around ten times. Every set of ten repetitions can be performed at least thrice. You can choose one to three Kegel exercises and work out twice or three times every day.

You may or may not choose a weight. There are Kegel exercise balls available for women who wish to choose a weight. Start with a weight that you think is sufficient given your strength and present level of fitness. You can always increase the weight later. You can start with normal Kegel flex or stretch, graduate to Kegel bridge and Kegel march. These are relatively simple exercises and a short video will help you to get started.

Kegel Exercise



Yoga is one of the most effective forms of exercise when it comes to restoring the natural strength, endurance and flexibility of muscles. Yoga also enhances skeletal strength. Your core strength, the sense of balance and actual control of various voluntarily movable parts of your body will be substantially enhanced. There are various yoga poses or postures that work directly on the pelvic floor. The muscles in the pelvic floor can be worked on in an isolated manner and there are composite workouts that can also target other muscles groups and hence help you with overall weight loss and fitness.

You can try yogic squat, also known as malasana. Legs up the wall is a useful exercise but make sure you have the right posture, breathe properly and balance yourself in the right manner, without exerting unnecessary pressure on wrong muscle groups. You can try the child’s pose and reclined bound angle too. Yoga serves as the predecessor of the contemporary plank and bridge. Yoga also serves as the inspiration for many pilates exercises and other newer workouts. There are many yoga poses you can choose from.


Other Effective Vagina Exercises to Tighten your Vagina

Bodyweight has a correlation with vaginal relaxation. You must lose some weight and try to attain the ideal body mass index. This does not mean every slender woman is immune to vaginal relaxation. It is simply so that obese and overweight woman will take longer to tighten their vagina because of weaker control of their pelvic muscles.

Walking, jogging or running, routine workouts at a gym, any other type of cardio or aerobics and activities of various kinds that require physical movement and exertion will help with weight loss. There are some rather common yet effective vagina exercises to tighten your vagina. Squatting is a great workout. You do not need to carry weights during your squats. Make sure you flex the hip flexor muscles and use your pelvic floor to maintain the poise and power your squats. Many women and also men use their calves and thighs without exerting any pressure or effectively contracting and expanding their hip flexor and pelvic floor muscles. Squats are futile if the hip flexor and pelvic floor muscles are not engaged.

Chinese balls have helped many women experience some improvement. These balls are used as you use tampons. They are inserted into the vagina. They can strengthen the pelvic muscles and also be a source of pleasure. Many women perform Kegel exercises while having these balls inserted into their vagina. The Chinese balls are not very different from Kegel exercise balls but they are not identical. It is also important to note that you should not overuse these balls. Limit exercising with them to ten minutes or at the most fifteen minutes in an entire day. Such limited exercise may not suffice so the rest of the time you work out should be without the balls.

Two other effective exercises to tighten your vagina are vertical scissors and vaginal weight lifting. Vertical scissors do not require any equipment or aid. Vaginal weight lifting will require some but you can avoid it if you want. The purpose of all vagina exercises is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles so they can be flexed and controlled more effectively. Voluntary control plays an important role initially. In due course of time, you will experience a tighter or firmer vagina when it will not feel relaxed even when you are not consciously controlling it or trying to squeeze and contract the walls.

Vaginal Weightlifting

The Expected Outcome of the Exercises to Tighten your Vagina

The aforementioned exercises are not very different from routine workouts of fitness enthusiasts. Every muscle in the human body needs to be challenged for it to be strengthened. It will have enhanced endurance over a period of time. The transformation cannot be overnight. The muscles in the pelvic area will get stronger. They will help in the healing of any scar tissue and other problems that may not have been diagnosed. The stronger muscles will then naturally tighten the vagina, including its internal and external parts.

It should be noted that these exercises to tighten your vagina are aimed at improving the actual feeling of firmness. You may have a bit of wrinkling or a little saggy skin on or around your vagina. Some of these aesthetic concerns may get addressed with the exercises but not entirely. These exercises will restore the youthful firmness of your vagina and help you feel much better during sex or even foreplay and stimulation. The exercises and hence a firmer vagina does play a role in orgasm. Older women who have incontinence and other issues will also experience considerable relief with many of the aforementioned exercises.


Vaginal Tightening Wands: Do They Work?

Vaginal Tightening WandVaginal relaxation is a reality for millions of women. It is actually a natural problem facilitated by ageing. Nearly all four billion women in the world will experience vaginal relaxation eventually. While age related vaginal relaxation is not much of a concern and it should not bother women who are over sixty years old, a loose vagina is indeed a problem if it is premature. Women can experience vaginal relaxation even in their thirties. Women who give birth to more than two children in quick succession will experience temporary or transient vaginal relaxation regardless of age, even in the early or mid twenties if they have multiple pregnancies and childbirths.

Vaginal relaxation is caused or worsened by age, pregnancies and vaginal childbirths, hormonal imbalance including low levels of estrogen, bodyweight and level of fitness, lifestyle and diet. Physical activity or the lack of it also plays a role. Interestingly, sexual intercourse or even sexual stimulation has little to do with vaginal relaxation. There is no correlation between frequent or infrequent sex and vaginal relaxation. Women who have a loose vagina may feel that frequent sex or hard sexual intercourse to an extent of being rough is a cause but it is not. Rough sexual intercourse may cause pain and might worsen the symptoms but it does not cause permanent vaginal relaxation.


Remedies for Vaginal Relaxation

There are many available remedies for vaginal relaxation, the least desirable of which is surgery. Vaginoplasty may seem to be a more surefire remedy but it is risky and hence unsafe. It is also expensive and does not guarantee the desired transformation. There are vaginal exercises, from Kegel to Yoga and more, that can be tried but many women do not have enough time or the motivation to be stringent with their workout routines. This is where vaginal tightening wands become relevant and at times necessary.

Vagina rejuvenation through cosmetic or plastic surgeries such as labiaplasty and vaginoplasty are ruled out due to cost and risk factors. These two procedures can cause serious side effects including permanent scarring, loss of sensation and stimulation, bleeding, nerve damage, infection, damage to the bladder and rectal damage among other problems. Topical solutions are often not the solution since the problem is at a muscular level and not epidermal or dermal in nature.


What are Vaginal Tightening Wands?

Vaginal tightening wands are a natural and safe remedy to have a firmer vagina. There is no side effect and the transformation is can be observed and is hence measurable. Vaginal tightening wands are usually made of natural ingredients, such as grassroots and other herbs as well as plant extracts. You will get to learn about ingredients such as Indonesian grassroots, pearl stratum powder, curcuma comosa, burneol and alum alumen.


Benefits of Vaginal Tightening Wands

Vagina tightening wands need to be inserted just like tampons. They are natural and safe so do not worry. They will easily glide into the vagina and you will not feel any pain or discomfort, unless you have chosen an outright unsuitable product. The wands are typically the size of a regular cigar. Here are the benefits of vaginal tightening wands.

These wands, which you may refer to as rods, increase the firmness of the vagina to the same extent as exercise will. The wands cause the vaginal muscles to be flexed, thereby engaging them actively and it influences the strengthening of the pelvic floor in due course of time.

The product is completely hygienic and safe. It is suitable for women regardless of age and medical history. It does not have anything to do with pregnancy or childbirth. Women who do not have any children yet or those who have many kids can comfortably use it when they are not pregnant or immediately after childbirth.

The wands can also counter vaginal odor. The rods effectively absorb the bad bacteria that accumulate in the vagina over a period of time and contribute the most to the foul odor. A smelly vagina is the last thing a woman wants, especially when she is already experiencing vaginal relaxation. The vaginal tightening wands can get rid of fishy and other foul odors, subsequently making the vagina smell normal and fresh.

The wands can regulate normal discharge. They tend to neutralize the acidity or basic nature of the vagina. The sticks can also improve sexual experience. This improvement is not elusive till your vaginal muscles are tightened or firmed up. The improvement will be realizable within a few days of using the vaginal tightening wands.

There are some pleasant implications of using vaginal tightening wands. They improve self esteem or confidence. They make a woman feel happier about herself and it shows in the way she acts and reacts. The vaginal tightening wands are not as invasive as surgeries and definitely not nearly as expensive.


How to Use Vaginal Tightening Wands

Vaginal tightening wands should be used for around fifteen to twenty minutes before having sex. The immediate effect is best experienced when you have such a routine before sexual intercourse. There is no prohibition on using the wands at other times of the day, evening or night. But you must not use the wands longer than thirty seconds every time.

You must first moisten the wand, especially the head, with lukewarm water. You must use running water to ensure the head is cleaned, especially if it has been used before. You should insert the moistened head of the wand into the vagina. Rotate the wand slightly and slowly. Repeat this rotating for up to twenty seconds at a time. Pull the wand out, no later than thirty seconds. You do not wish to tighten the vaginal muscles beyond the firmness necessary. Always clean your vaginal tightening wands before you put them way for later use.

You do not have to use any other product with the vaginal tightening wands, unless the manufacturer or the brand has recommended something specific. The wands work without the need of creams, lotions or gels.


Vaginal Tightening Pills: What You Should Know

Vaginal relaxation is common among ageing women. Those who opt for natural childbirth may experience temporary vaginal relaxation. Women who have given birth to two or more children are more likely to have a relaxed vagina. It is difficult to say that only natural childbirth is the cause because a caesarean section also weakens the pelvic muscles, especially when a woman undergoes the procedure multiple times. Menopause has an effect on vaginal tightness, so do lack of exercise, obesity and many other lifestyle factors.


Common Remedies for Vaginal Relaxation

What is referred to as loose vagina or vagina loosening is basically vaginal relaxation. The muscles in the vaginal area are weaker than they should be. The pelvic floor may get lowered in due course of time. These cause the vagina go feel and actually turn looser or more relaxed. The solution is vaginal rejuvenation. There are many remedies widely recommended for vaginal rejuvenation or vaginal tightening. There are pills, gels or creams, surgery and exercises. Losing weight, exercises of the pelvic muscles, diet and maintaining an active & healthy lifestyle would definitely help. Creams or topical solutions like V-Tight Gel would help. Surgery is a risky procedure and also quite expensive. It is quite possible the surgery would be completely ineffective. There are serious side effects including complete loss of sensation in the vagina. Many women need to opt for surgery more than once. Vaginoplasty, which is the surgical procedure for vaginal reconstruction, is not the first preference for most women.

In recent years, a plethora of vaginal tightening pills have flooded the market. Some of them are recommended by doctors too but most are over the counter pills. Many of these vaginal tightening pills have no scientific backing. There are simply claims and counterclaims. It is normal for women to wonder if vaginal tightening pills have any desired effect at all. Since there is a lot of misinformation around and substantial hype about vaginal tightening pills, it is necessary to get down to the facts and explore the scientific foundation of claims being made by companies and endorsers of such products.


What are Vaginal Tightening Pills?

There is no lucid way to describe or even classify vaginal tightening pills. A myriad of ingredients have made their way into these pills. Some pills are natural but most have a combination of herbal extracts and chemicals. Artificial ingredients are widely used by the pharmaceutical industry. It is unclear and near impossible to know the actual composition of vaginal tightening pills. This is what makes the entire debate in favor of such pills to be rooted in speculation. Till such time one gets to know what the exact ingredients are and then explore the scientific evidence suggesting their effects on vaginal tightening, there is no way anyone can have an informed opinion or a surefire inference.


Claims of Vaginal Tightening Pills

There are many vaginal tightening pills that claim to restore libido by providing a natural alternative of estrogen and this apparently has an effect on the strength as well as form of the muscles. There are many pills that claim to be able to restore the muscular strength with the help of many herbal extracts. It is unclear how improving libido would have an impact on vaginal tightening when it is actually muscular strength that determines its firmness. Libido actually loosens the vagina during sex. Women who are not adequately aroused have tighter vagina and this often leads to painful sex. Many women are compelled to use lubricants because low libido or lack of sexual stimulation and subsequent arousal make vaginas drier and unresponsive to sexual intercourse. If libido was the answer to vaginal relaxation or loosening then those with amazing sex drive would have an even tighter vagina. But that is not the case.

Often, women experience their vaginas to be tighter after menopause because the levels of estrogen plummet and this has a direct impact on libido or sex drive. This proves a direct correlation between estrogen and vaginal tightness. Women with normal or high levels of estrogen would have a more lubricated, responsive and flexible vagina while having sex. This will of course get restored to the normal form and state when the estrogen level drops. Women do not have the same estrogen level all the time. It is a hormone and it is bound to fluctuate. The vaginal firmness and its ability to lubricate will depend on the availability of estrogen secreted by the body. Hence, restoring estrogen levels with the help of natural or herbal alternatives would lubricate the vagina and make it more flexible during sex. It would not tighten a vagina since that is not what estrogen does.

These two realities completely defeat the arguments of many companies and endorsers that natural alternatives for estrogen, aphrodisiacs and other herbal extracts can tighten the vaginal muscles. There are many vaginal tightening pills that have been found to be completely unsafe and ineffective. They are just voodoo pills that perhaps do nothing and worse, they may cause serious harm. The female body is anyway a complicated system and one should not pop in a random pill without knowing what it might do or be capable of. Endorsers of vaginal tightening pills often cite ingredients like Morinda Citrifolio or Noni and Kacip Fatimah as being effective against vaginal relaxation. Let us explore such claims too.

The Truth about Vaginal Tightening Pills

Morinda Citrifolia or Noni is a fruit. It is safe when you eat this fruit but medicinal use of the extracts of Noni has been deemed relatively unsafe. It is not outright dangerous and the extract of this fruit is indeed used for some health problems. However, there are some side effects too. Concentrated extracts of Noni can cause damage to liver and kidneys. Breastfeeding or lactating women should not consume this extract or the fruit even. Pregnant women must avoid it. Those who have high level of potassium or are vulnerable to retain more potassium in their blood than what is deemed normal should avoid this fruit and its extract. Noni is very rich in potassium. Morinda Citrifolia has been scientifically proven to being effective in treating some health conditions but it has not been studied for its effects on vaginal relaxation and hence cannot be classified as a vaginal tightening agent or herbal extract.

The other ingredient many endorsers claim to be effective in vaginal tightening pills is Kacip Fatimah. This is an herb. It has been used in traditional medicine in many Asian cultures, mostly Malaysia and later in Java and Sumatra. The herb is classified as an aphrodisiac. It is antibacterial, antifungal and anti flatulent. The entire plant may be used as the source of an extract. Its root, stem and leaves are also used separately or collectively for some extracts. The herb has quite a few health benefits for women. It is also deemed as a phytoestrogen, which is the natural alternative of estrogen found in plants. This is what makes it an aphrodisiac for women. Estrogen has not got a direct correlation with vaginal tightening. It is a causal factor for lubrication, sex drive or libido, sexual pleasure and orgasm. It does not cause any perpetual tightening of vagina. Since estrogen does not have any such ability, phytoestrogen being a natural alternative is no answer to vaginal relaxation.

These herbal extracts are not used in all vaginal tightening pills and some that do are not clear as to how much of the concentrates there is. The extracts can be unsafe in certain concentrations. For instance, Morinda Citrifolia should not be consumed by any woman who is vulnerable to estrogen sensitive cancers. Pregnant, lactating or breastfeeding women should not consume these extracts or the fruits and herbs in their natural form.

Topical Solutions are Safer and More Effective

A topical solution is always safer than a pill that needs to be ingested. A topical solution does not get to directly interact with the vital organs and causes no major changes to any of the life supporting functions of the various systems. Topical solutions are mostly facilitative. They target only the specific area where the cream or a gel is applied and do not interfere with other bodily functions. Pills on the other hand interfere with several bodily functions. Right from metabolism to the composition of blood, the secretion of many hormones to the normal functioning of different organs, pills may have positive or negative effects. Since most vaginal tightening pills do not have any scientific backing, they cannot be deemed as either effective or entirely safe.

You can choose a fitting alternative to vaginal tightening pills. V-Tight Gel is a completely natural remedy. It is a topical solution. There are no side effects and you can combine it with exercise as well as lifestyle and dietary changes. The V-Tight Gel would not interfere with your diet, sleep, sex life or anything else. It is a completely noninvasive remedy that is also reasonably priced.


How to Tighten Your Vagina with Vinegar

Women must deal with a lot of things that men will never understand. For instance, only a woman’s genitalia change shape and size due to natural processes. Between having sex and giving birth, the vagina can become a lot less tight over time. In fact, just the natural reduction of general muscle tone and skin elasticity contribute heavily to the change. Because of this, ladies have been searching for a way to tighten up down there since the beginning of time.


Long before medical-grade topical treatments and risky surgeries were the norm, women used a variety of natural products to constrict their vaginas. While some of those home remedies are based on little more than urban legends and wives’ tales, products such as apple cider vinegar have a uniquely accurate and surprisingly effective track record.

Unfortunately, it’s become a common misconception that a woman’s vaginal tightness is merely a matter of cosmetics and/or aesthetics. In reality, though, there are several serious and often embarrassing medical concerns that arise when a woman’s vagina isn’t as constricted as it once was. For example, a loose vagina may cause some or all of the following health and lifestyle problems:

Stress incontinence

This symptom of a loose vagina is sometimes referred to as “urine leakage” and differs greatly from common incontinence because it happens only during activities that cause stress on the bladder (laughing, coughing, sneezing, jumping, etc.).

Loss of Sensation

This symptom occurs when a woman’s vagina is no longer tight enough to grip fingers or a penis, causing a generalized reduction in sexual pleasure for both her and her partner.

Reduced Pleasure

When women achieve orgasm, their pelvic floor begins to pulse and contract. However, a loose vagina may make it nearly impossible to reach climax because the vaginal muscles aren’t as strong or tight as before.

Millions of women suffer from a loosened vagina and/or weak pelvic wall, but they are not all willing to undergo surgery, ingest medications, or apply potentially harmful topical ointments to their most sensitive area. Instead, many women seek natural remedies that can be used in the privacy of their own home. One such remedy is apple cider vinegar but knowing how and when to use it the most important part.


How Apple Cider Vinegar Helps Tighten the Vagina

Those who have either smelled or tasted apple cider vinegar know how pungent it is. That intensity is caused by an extremely high level of acidity. In fact, the acidity of apple cider vinegar is one of the main reasons the substance is so commonly used in natural remedies.

Applying apple cider vinegar directly to your vagina may sting a bit. Furthermore, regular applications can actually damage and/or desensitize the skin if you’re not careful. However, due to the intrinsic nature of apple cider vinegar, it can effectively tighten the vaginal muscles when used correctly.

Here is how it works:

  • Combine a ½ cup of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of distilled water.
  • Heat the mixture to a temperature that’s comfortable to the touch. NOTE: It’s not recommended that you use the microwave as it may cause uneven heating.
  • Pour the mixture into an empty douche bottle. NOTE: Do not reuse an old douche. Instead, simply empty out the container of an unused douche and use the nozzle for the next step.
  • Insert the douche into your vagina as far as you can and squeeze the solution out slowly.

Do your best to get a good, thorough wash down there. Then, allow the solution to drip out of your vagina naturally throughout the day. Wear a pad to catch any excess moisture.

Important Considerations When Using Apple Cider Vinegar to Tighten Your Vagina

Using apple cider vinegar is safe and effective, but there are some important things to consider beforehand. For once, always refrain from having sex, inserting tampons, or using sex toys for at least 24 hours after using this solution. Do not attempt this remedy while you’re on your period or have a urinary tract infection. If irritation occurs, stop immediately.

Try to repeat this routine at least once or twice per week until you reach a desired tightness level. As an added bonus, apple cider will also cleanse your vaginal canal in the process. On the contrary, however, washing your vagina with this solution too often can disrupt the natural, healthy bacteria inside. Therefore, it’s important not to go overboard. If you’re unsure how this home remedy will affect you, simply speak with your gynecologist before trying it.

Note that there is no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of using apple cider vinegar to tighten the vagina. Therefore, you won’t likely find any information pertaining to it online or at a doctor’s office. If you’re uncertain about using this remedy, there are other things you can do to increase the muscle tone and elasticity of your lady parts.

Apple Cider Vinegar Alternatives

Sex therapists typically recommend using a safe and natural tightening approach called kegel exercises. Kegels are done by manually contracting the muscles of the pelvic floor. One way to familiarize yourself with the muscles associated with that area is to interrupt the flow of your urine midstream.

Kegel exercises are commonly used by women, especially after childbirth, to decrease stress incontinence and tighten the vagina. While apple cider vinegar is very inexpensive, kegels are completely free, 100% safe, highly effective, and supported by the medical community. A combination of kegels and apple cider vinegar may render significant results in a very short amount of time.

Another great option is to consider a natural vaginal tightening cream which is a great alternative to using vinegar.

The Final Verdict

Apple cider vinegar has been used for millennia by women who want to tighten up their vaginas in a safe and natural way. While modern science has yet to determine the effectiveness of this home remedy, millions of women swear by it either way. So, unless you have some aversion to the smell or an allergic concern, you should be able to benefit from it as well. If all else fails, perform some kegels in your spare time.



10 Signs You Have A Loose Vagina

Female breasts and male penises come in various sizes, so do vaginas. Just as breasts are supposed to be roundish, the nipples must respond to stimulation and penises are expected to expand and contract, vaginas too are supposed to tighten and loosen up depending on various factors, most importantly hormones. While physical touch and mental stimulation seem to be the immediate stimuli, it is actually hormones, blood circulation and the elasticity of muscles that control the vaginal loosening or tightening. Vaginas are expected to loosen up during sexual intercourse or even foreplay. They are also expected to facilitate childbirth, which invariably requires the vaginal walls to move apart to make way for the baby. Likewise, vaginal walls would contract and be reasonably tight in normal circumstances.Women in dress

While women can have a loose vagina, it is not owing to the hackneyed perception that having excessive sex leads to permanent stretching of the walls and labia. Sexual intercourse does not cause permanent changes to vaginal walls, the vulva or the labia among other parts of the female reproductive anatomy. Those who have a saggy vagina may be suffering from a temporary health ailment or there can be some physiological reason for the same. It is necessary to first observe if you have a loose vagina and only then can you try to figure out and understand the cause. There may be more than one cause for a loose vagina. Childbirth is a common cause. Ageing is another. Menopause is a common facilitating factor. There can be physiological disorders or deformations too. It is not wrong to find the male equivalent of a loose vagina in erectile dysfunction. Excessive sex or the lack of it has nothing to do with erectile dysfunction. The same applies to a loose vagina.

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  • One of the first signs of a loose vagina is urinary stress infection. If you are experiencing urine leakage for no apparent reason, then your muscles may have lost their ability to stretch and contract. This is not necessarily a permanent condition. It may become a chronic problem but only if you do not take any remedial action. Urinary stress infection is characterized by uncontrollable leakage of urine during certain types of activities. A little bit of urine may leak when you do household chores, lift relatively heavy objects and engage in a strenuous physical activity or even when you sneeze, laugh and cough. This condition is not the same as incontinence. This is stress incontinence. The vaginal muscles facilitate the holding back of urine and prevent the bladder from empting the liquid waste. Since the muscles are unable to do so and hence causing incontinence, you may have a loose vagina.
  • If you do not have the same strength in your pelvic muscles as before, then you may want to check if you have a loose vagina. This is not just a sign but also a possible cause. The vaginal muscles would invariably depend on the strength in your pelvis to contract and expand. You can control your vaginal muscles. They are involuntary during stimulations, whether intercourse or childbirth, which is when your vaginal muscles must respond appropriately. The same vaginal muscles are also voluntary. This is the case when you urinate or perform stretching exercises. Poor pelvic strength can lead to and is also a sign of a loose vagina.
  • Obesity is a sign of a loose vagina, not because the latter causes you to gain weight but owing to the former having an impact on the muscles. Obesity tends to impair the elasticity of your skin, the strength in your muscles and also the composition of mass & fat in all parts of the body. Even vital organs can have layers of fat deposited on them if you are too overweight or obese. If you are several pounds overweight or considerably obese, check if you have a loose vagina.
  • One of the most surefire signs of a loose vagina is the index finger test. Insert the index finger or forefinger inside your vagina and use the labia to clasp it. If the vaginal lips fail to clasp the index finger, then you are unable to contract the muscles. This invariably means you have a loose vagina. Again, this is not necessarily a permanent condition. There may be one or more hormonal imbalances, your vaginal muscles may be weak, your core and pelvic muscles may have lost their strength and there can be other issues.
  • Ageing is a cause and a sign of a loose vagina. Most women will have weaker vaginal walls and muscles as they age. There is no universal rule though. Many old women can have tighter vaginas than younger women. The opposite is also true. Many aspects of your life, from diet to bodyweight, lifestyle to frequency of sex can have an effect on the vaginal muscles.
  • Menopause is often perceived as one of the causes of a loose vagina. It indeed is but it is not for every woman. There are many women who do not have any physiological difference in their vaginas before and after menopause. Many women continue to have an active sex life after menopause, despite the tectonic changes in hormonal secretions.
  • Childbirth is a preemptive sign that you have a loose vagina. It is imperative for every woman to have a slightly loose vagina immediately after childbirth. This gets restored in due course of time. Multiple childbirths may have a more sustained effect on the elasticity of the muscles and their form.
  • A surefire sign of having a loose vagina is lack of stimulation during foreplay. If you are fondling, kissing or enjoying oral sex and you are not feeling sexually stimulated, then there may be some problems and one of them could be a loose vagina. Your inability to contract and expand the muscles will reduce the stimulation.
  • Lack of stimulation during sexual intercourse is also a surefire sign. There are many women who do not feel stimulated before sex, such as foreplay or flirting, but they do feel the penis during intercourse. Those who do not feel stimulation during foreplay and during intercourse are more likely to have a loose vagina.
  • Lack of orgasm is also a sign of a loose vagina. At times women do not experience an orgasm due to the quality of sexual intercourse but they do feel the physical motion. If you do not feel the physical motion and there is no orgasm, then it is likely you have a loose vagina.

If you are looking for natural solutions to tighten your vagina when make sure to read this article.

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Why You Should Be Doing Kegel Exercises

Are you the kind of woman who does everything she can to stay healthy, avoiding taking medicine or even having to undergo surgery? If you think the same way I do, the best way is prevention, Kegel exercises need to be part of your care routine!Tight Vagina

Not sure what this practice is and why it is so important to the female universe? So it’s time to find out! In this article your will learn everything your need to know about Kegel exercises and how they can help your health.

Here’s what we’ll talk about today:

  • What are Kegel exercises?
  • How Kegel Exercises Help Your Health;
  • How to practice Kegel exercises;

At the end of this article, I want you to be prepared and free of prejudices to take care of your health. After all, a well-rested woman also needs to have her energy focused on dealing with the challenges of her day-to-day life.

Let’s being!

1. What are Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are named after the American gynecologist who developed this technique back in the 1940s. Its purpose was to reduce the need for surgical interventions for the most different reasons associated with flaccidity of the pelvic floor musculature, as the muscles are known of our intimate region.

The techniques are based on the contraction and relaxation of these muscles (just like bodybuilding), in order to strengthen them, avoiding a series of problems that can arise with the age or the number of gestations. Of course, this practice also has an important effect on sexual satisfaction!

Although they have become popular with Dr. Kegel’s studies, these exercises, however, are quite ancient and are part of Taoist culture. You’ve probably heard of them, but under the name of pompoarismo! Kegel exercises can also be called intimate gymnastics.

Kegel exercises are based on the techniques of pompoarism, an ancient Eastern practice that is part of tantra. These teachings are very old and important, but they are still not part of the routine of caring for most women. What will you choose for your own health?

Kegel exercises are used to combat involuntary loss of urine, both in men and women, because they tone and strengthen the muscle called the Pubiococcygeus located on the pelvic floor.

In addition, kegel exercises help improve the pleasure of intimate contact as they increase blood circulation in the region. In women, these exercises combat vaginismus, which occurs when the woman involuntarily contracts the muscles of the vagina, preventing penetration.

For men, kegel exercises also serve to combat premature ejaculation and to treat erectile dysfunction.

2. How Kegel Exercises Help Your Health

Pregnancy, childbirth, age and being overweight: these are the main factors that can weaken your vaginal muscles , situations that all women can go through throughout their lives. As with any other part of the body, the pelvic floor muscles can become flaccid, that is, less strong.

The problem is that most women do not realize the importance of exercising them as well, in order to prevent them from weakening. In order to further recognize the importance of Kegel exercises , and no longer see this as a practice solely associated with sex, I have listed some of the benefits of pompoarism to your health:

  • They allow better urinary control, avoiding problems like loose bladder or incontinence;
  • They assist in the preparation of labor during pregnancy , because they teach the woman how to make the right force at the right time;
  • They are also fundamental in the normal postpartum recovery , strengthening the pelvic muscles so that it returns to its previous condition, avoiding the vaginal flaccidity;
  • Prevent pelvic prolapse, in which, during delivery, the female organs can move, even with the uterus becoming external;
  • Reduction of symptoms caused by menopause , such as dryness of the vaginal canal;
  • Decreased pain with cramps;
  • Assistance in the prevention of vaginal infections, such as candidiasis ;
  • Improvement in bowel function.

Kegel exercises are a way to prevent various diseases that affect women’s health. Much more than helping with sexual satisfaction, they can keep you from major problems for which surgery is needed.

3. How To Practice Kegel Exercises

Do you know the best part of Kegel exercises? You do not have to go to the gym and wear gym clothes to practice them! You can do this kind of gym anytime, anywhere: while driving, watching television, cooking, bathing …

Kegel Exercise

And you do not need to be scared, no. No one realizes that you are doing pompomism if you are not wearing accessories such as Thai balls … You can exercise and still keep the biggest face of tranquility while talking to other people or doing your daily tasks.

If you are interested in practicing Kegel exercises, it is best to always seek help from a gynecologist or a physiotherapist, and may even take part in a course conducted by one of these professionals.

As a physiotherapist specializing in this subject, I have already seen a lot of wrong tips on the internet or even in courses. To take care of your real health, look for references about what you are learning. Combined?

Anyway, for you not to finish this reading with nothing to put into practice, I will teach you a very basic technique to get you started.

It works like this: identify your pelvic floor muscles while you are peeing. You know that contraction we do to hold urine? This is exactly the exercise you will do, but never when you feel like going to the bathroom.

Begin sessions by contracting and relaxing this muscle at 3-second intervals. You can do this 10 to 15 times in several sessions a day. Throughout the week, try to increase contraction time by up to 10 seconds.

Even with the onset of this simpler technique, it is possible that in a few weeks you will be able to see some result, especially if you have problems with urinary incontinence.

Did you like the tip? So I recommend that you watch the video below in which I give some tips and explain a little of what our body does after we start practicing pompoarismo.

Kegel Exercises: Learn How To Do At Home

The method helps in improving sexual pleasure and prevents urinary incontinence.

Kegel exercises were devised by the American gynecologist Arnold Kegel in the 1940s, after realizing that urinary incontinence correlated with the weakness of the perineal musculature (ie, the pelvic floor musculature). From there he imagined that if this muscle was strengthened, urinary incontinence would be reduced. In fact, this occurred with a large number of patients who, in addition to reducing incontinence, reported improved pleasure during sex.

Much time has passed since then and Kegel exercises have evolved a great deal. It has recently been known that they help prevent urinary and fecal incontinence, postpartum flaccidity and improve pleasure and the possibility of orgasm through tightening the vagina (read more here); besides acting in the prevention of prolapses (as is the case of the “fallen bladder”, for example).

Although Kegel exercises seem easy to perform, they require learning, beginning with the awareness of the pelvic floor muscles themselves. It is known that 30% of women do not perform the exercises correctly and many men do not even imagine that they also have these muscles. And how to identify them?

For this there is the “stop pipi” test . In this test you will stop the flow of urine when you are urinating. This is not an exercise , but a means to help identify the sensation generated by the pelvic floor muscles. If you can, it’s a sign that your muscles are intact. You do not have to do this always: take this test only once to find out the level of control of your perineum.

Now that you’ve located the pelvic floor muscles, let’s practice Kegel exercises. I will teach the basic exercises that can be performed either lying down, sitting or standing. To better feel the perineal region, let’s start performing the sitting exercises.

Kegel Exercises: Slow Contractions

  • Sit comfortably in a chair with your knees at 90 °
  • Place your hands on your belly to make sure you will not start moving around that area or holding the air during exercise
  • Contract your perineum as it were to hold the pee and coconut, that is, contract the anus and vagina at the same time of 5 to 10 seconds
  • Do not hold the air
  • Relax for as long as you can. Example: if you contracted for 5 seconds, rest for 5 seconds until the next contraction
  • Perform 10 reps of this exercise three times a day (morning, afternoon and evening).

Kegel Exercises: Quick Contractions

  • Sit comfortably in a chair with your knees at 90 °
  • Contract the perineum (contract the anus and vagina at the same time) and relax
  • This contraction is of the contraction and release type. Relaxation should be three to five seconds between contractions. Be sure to relax!
  • You can use this contraction on a day-to-day basis every time you cough, sneeze, squat, get a weight on bodybuilding for example. This will help prevent stress urinary incontinence
  • Perform 10 reps of this exercise three times a day (morning, afternoon and evening).

More advanced exercises

To increase the difficulty of the above exercises, the easy option is to make them stand up. But, if you want to advance further or have some question of how to perform, do not hesitate to look for a pelvic physiotherapist!

Currently Kegel exercises are scientifically supported and are performed by pelvic physiotherapists, a specialty of physiotherapy that focuses on the intimate health of men and women. In this way an evaluation is carried out which prioritizes the exercises and adequate quantities respecting the individuality of each one. In addition, the physiotherapist has equipment and devices that help the patient identify these muscles and accelerate treatment.

See below what these equipment and their functions are:

Biofeedback: A device that monitors the perineal contraction and the synergic muscles – which contract with the perineum – helping to smooth the process. Through this modern equipment, the patient will see his contraction and perineal relaxation, through graphics and screens that look more like a video game on the computer screen.

Electro-stimulator: This device electrically stimulates the muscles to contract.Thoroughly painless, the procedure is indicated for patients with sagging or little perineal strength.

Cones: also known as vaginal weights (is the perineal weight), are used after perineal evaluation to find out the proper weight for each patient. As the treatment evolves, the cone placed will become heavier and heavier.

Vaginal educator: device that helps visualize the contraction of the perineal muscles.

Game Therapy: Through the use of virtual reality eyewear or a motion capture sensor the patient will be led to interact in an exciting virtual setting while contracting their perineal muscles.


Vaginal Tightening Creams: Do They Really Work?

Women who have a loose vagina tend to suffer from low self-confidence in bed and do not like sex as much as they would if they had a tight vagina  In the following article we will explore vaginal tightening creams and how they help tighten your vagina and improve the quality of your sex-life and relationship.

Although many people may not admit it, one thing that has an influence on the quality of a relationship is the quality of sex. This is because when the person does not have satisfying sex, they are more likely to stray and this always has a negative effect on the relationship. In addition, the lack of sexual satisfaction usually leads to a lot of frustration, both for the man and the woman, regardless of who may be to blame. The end result of all this is that although both couples may love each other, lack of quality sex can lead to the destruction of another good relationship. All this means is that when two people are in a relationship, they should strive to make their sex life exciting and unpredictable. The experience of sex should be enjoyed by both parties. Normally after having had a relationship for a while and had several children, the quality of sex may decrease due to the relative increase in the size of the woman’s vagina. The loose vagina is usually triggered by events such as childbirth and can also be caused by aging.

Woman in towel


What Can Be Done To Make The Vagina Tighter?

In recent years, women have had the help of vaginoplasty or vaginal tightening with surgery. Firstly it is very effective and it only lasts until you give birth again and not everyone can afford them since it does not cost less than $ 5000 and there is always a risk of complications when you go under the knife. So there is a need to find other more affordable ways to achieve vaginal tightening which has great benefits for women such as improving vaginal appearance in its entirety as well as improving protection against sexually transmitted diseases. You may be wondering if you will need to opt for complex vaginal reconstruction surgery to ease vaginal tightening – girls, this is far from the truth! Fortunately, there is a way that one can successfully reverse these symptoms: Through the use of vaginal tightening creams.

Is There An Alternative To Surgery?

Asian women are known to have a much tighter vagina which is linked to having a higher fertility rate compared to Western women. Women in Asia have been using natural herbs for thousands of years to keep their sex life at the ideal level. They have used the herbs to make their vagina tight and with the world becoming smaller every day the western people have also come to know the properties and benefits of using herbal medicines.

Truths and Myths About Creams That Claim To Tighten Your Vagina

Vaginal narrowing is the pressure exerted by the pelvic muscles to achieve or maintain the optimal level of elasticity of the pelvic floor Woman on bedmuscles. These muscles should be able to maintain continence and relax, allowing urination, performing bowel movements, intercourse and normal childbirth. They also provide support nand protect the organs of the abdomen, in addition to keeping the bladder in its proper place.

Pelvic muscles may be stretched or weakened due to aging and, more specifically, pregnancy. This usually happens after a difficult delivery, which overloads or breaks the pelvic muscles. The same problem may also arise from an excess of normal deliveries performed within a very short interval. Like any other muscle, the pelvic muscles also need exercises to function efficiently. Likewise, a hormonal change related to menopause may weaken them. Lastly, damage caused by long-term stretching, chronic constipation, or excessive weight can also weaken them.

Vaginal tightening can be stimulated in different ways – all stimuli are, to some extent, effective and can be complementary. The question asked by many women is: “Do so-called virginity creams really work?

There is no easy way to answer this question, since the answer can be affirmative or negative. Many women have a large vagina, especially after they go through childbirth. In addition, some women have a loose vagina even without any related problem. Many mothers reveal that having a child is the best thing that ever happened in their lives – in fact, they would not trade it for nothing. Despite this, the wide widening of the vagina after the baby’s birth can develop physical and emotionCreamal problems in some mothers.

Many women notice the change in their vagina after delivery or as they get older. Whether it is enlargement, loss of sensation or irregularity regarding the shape, most women always feel some difference associated with the vagina.

For most people, a loose vagina leads to decreased libido and unsatisfactory sexual intercourse for the partner. The problem causes the woman to face an emotional turbulence. In her head, the fear arises that if the partner is dissatisfied in bed, he tends to seek sexual satisfaction elsewhere.

But before you plunge into a deep sea of ​​concern, you should consider some solutions, such as “virginity” creams.

Many people prefer to use virginity creams because they are less invasive than other solutions available in the market. However, despite the comments and testimonials issued by the users, there is no guarantee as to the actual effectiveness of these products. Remember: the vaginas have unique shapes and therefore it is difficult to determine whether a particular cream really works or not. On the other hand, there is the option of using these creams for a trial period. If they do not narrow the vagina, you can try out any of the other methods described below.

If you are a little afraid of going through surgeries or do not have time to practice Kegel exercises, the cream (or gel) to tighten the vagina is a good alternative.

Most products contain natural ingredients, which makes it safe to use. With regard to the benefits provided, we can cite the following:

  • Narrowing of the vagina – which may vary according to the particularities of each woman’s vaginas.
  • Increased libido, as creams increase sensitivity in the vaginal walls and muscles, making them stiffer.
  • Incredible orgasms due to the compression of the muscles.
  • Rapid arousal during sex.
  • Acceleration of lubrication, which reduces the side effects caused by dry vaginal walls such as cuts or wounds.
    In some cases, creams and gels can provide permanent vaginal narrowing – but that depends on the period of use.

In addition to these benefits, the presence of natural ingredients ensures the absence of adverse feedings. Even so, before using any of these creams you should consult a medical specialist, since you may be allergic to any of the components of the formula.

Most women who have had positive results related to the use of these creams or gels report a rapid transformation in their sex lives. Better yet, most become more excited and with a deep desire to satisfy their partners in bed.

In addition, some women also reported that the products helped reduce other vaginal problems such as infections, disorders or dryness – which are slightly uncomfortable during intercourse. Many people who are looking for vaginal tightening creams want to find a truly definitive solution. If this is the case, use the product often for best results.

A virginity cream contains only natural ingredients, including the Manjakani extract, oak branches, Asian oak, and witch hazel.

It has been clinically proven that all these elements treat vaginal enlargement and restore the elasticity of the vaginal walls, as well as being used for centuries in Western countries to achieve these specific ends.

The ” dridhranga “, ” sphatika ” or “argilla with vitriol” is a strong astringent that narrows the vaginal walls .It is used to coagulate blood, as well as possessing soothing properties. As well as antibacterial properties, it also helps prevent vaginal infections.It is one of the best ingredients that can make a product intended to narrow the vagina.

When it comes to improving the sex life, people are willing to dive headlong into the endless possibilities of sex. To help women feel like virgins again, these creams promise to tighten their inner parts through a mineral compound.

This ingredient intumesce the cells of the skin, which ends up compressing the vaginal walls and making them more tight. But does it really work?

According to the product’s website, this vaginal narrowing cream will make you feel more ‘virgin’, young and sexy than ever, increasing the pleasure provided to the partner. It is the potassium alum (a natural glycerin-based compound) that supposedly tightens the vaginal walls.Its antibacterial properties also help prevent vaginal infections.

The concept behind vaginal narrowing derives from the convention that some vaginas are “extremely tight” or “enlarged.”. According to the website Psychology Today, the truth about this myth is that the muscle tissue that tightly wraps around the vagina folds is very elastic and stays all the time like a closed accordion – except when the woman is aroused or in labor. These muscles relax during sex and then return to normal, regardless of the amount of sexual intercourse.

However, see a recent review by user Emilia Lanier: “I used a ‘virginity’ cream, but it did not make me feel 18 years old again. My hair remains as gray as before. What misleading advertisement! ”

These products are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but this is not a legal requirement for them to be marketed.

Warning: Girls, try it out at your own risk.

I hope this post will help many readers understand the myths and truths about so-called virginity and vaginal tightening creams.


Natural Gels and Creams That Promise to Tighten the Vagina and Make You Feel the Virgin Again


Vaginal tightening creams are non-prescription medications that act to effect various changes in the anatomy of the vagina in order to make it tighter and more lubricated. These creams perform the following actions:

  • They tighten your vagina, making it more enjoyable for you and your partner to have sex. The tight vagina is also likely to make you reach orgasm more easily.
  • They increase vaginal secretions. This lubricating action ensures that sex is good, and that any pain due to excessive friction is eliminated. The increase in secretions gets rid of vaginal dryness.
  • They restore the elasticity of the vagina.
  • They increase sexual responses. After using these creams, you will be able to have increased sensation, so that you enjoy sex more.


Someone has actually invented and is selling vaginal narrowing creams and gels so that you can then “feel virgin and desired again”.

18 Again

The virginity cream called “18 Again cream” costs around $63 and, according to the manufacturers, makes you feel “younger” and “sexier” again.

Judging by the name of the product, it is possible to imagine that the sex will last 2.5 seconds, leaving the woman sore and stunned.

Anyway, at least now you know that the secret to becoming “wanted” again is not to talk about the problem with your partner – the secret comes down to a potassium alum compound .

Of course, especially after childbirth, we all know that the vagina undergoes some transformations.

Liquid Virgin

A Gel version ( Hott Products’ Liquid Virgin ) claims to be perfect for “pregnant women who gave birth.” The jargon says, “Feel yourself a virgin again with this incredible lubricant of vaginal narrowing.” Why not? A 30 ml tube costs only about $15

The cream is also suitable for women who have “not-so-well-endowed” partners. Ahhh, so it’s her fault that the man had a cock so small that she did not feel anything.

Be that as it may, you’ll be thrilled to learn that there are many other creams like this, including “Crazy Girl Wanna Be Tight Shrink Cream” Crazy Girl To Get Tight – the “secret of divas to feel the same pleasure as the first time! “-, and the V Continue Virgin Gel !

Crazy Girl

Potassium alum (active ingredient in Mad Girl cream … ) is believed to stimulate “increased blood flow to the applied area, swelling the tissue, which fills the region and thus causes the sensation of narrowing.”

The aforementioned element, often found in deodorants, apparently causes a swelling in the skin cells, causing the vaginal walls to become narrower and thus obstruct the passage of the penis.

Where to buy

It is possible to buy any of the creams and gels mentioned above on Ebay or Amazon.


Benefits of Using Vaginal Tightening Creams

Creams to tighten the vagina offer a number of benefits as a result of their effects. These include:

  • By tightening and moistening your vagina, they improve your appearance. The creams jelps promote your self-esteem because you will no longer have to feel ashamed of having a loose vagina.
  • The tightening and lubricating benefits of these creams makes sex more enjoyable for you and your partner. This also has the advantage of making your relationship more solid, as it is proven that sex is an important factor that determines the stability of a relationship.
  • You will also enjoy the benefits of being protected from infections of the genital tract due to improving the health of your vagina.

The net effect of all these benefits is that you will end up happier and more confident in yourself. Your sex life will improve, as will the quality of your relationship as well as your self esteem. Take care!


How To Tighten Your Vagina Naturally

Tight Vagina

There may be several reasons for a woman’s vagina to be wide, flaccid and loose. While some women acquire this vaginal flaccidity as a birth trait (hereditary), others tend to develop it after delivery.

Hormone Fluctuations, Pregnancy, Menopause, Weight, Health, Aging …


All of these factors affect the vagina, and often have the unfortunate side effect of loosening the area of ​​your natural tension.

Whatever the case may be, a loose, flaccid vagina can potentially lead to a lack of interest in sex and may eventually ruin the intimacy and relationship between the couple.

The vaginal skin is soft and elastic to a certain extent, but like a rubber band, eventually it loses its elasticity, after a certain amount of pressure.

Why Does the Vagina Become Loose?

The woman’s vagina is loose or flaccid when both the vaginal walls are not tight enough or when the opening or vaginal canal gets too large.

Following are some of the most common reasons why women develop this feature.

After Childbirth (Vaginal birth)


Motherhood is the essence of a woman’s life, and the woman is said to be complete only after giving birth.

However, the pleasures associated with motherhood have a cost.

One of the greatest prices a woman has to pay for this wonderful moment is the fact that she loses the “tight vagina”, strength and elasticity of the vagina, since the baby is born and often the vagina rips (some more, some less) , widening the entire perineum, region between the vagina and the anus.

During labor, the vaginal and cervical muscles contract and expand repeatedly.

This action along with the arrival of the baby through the vaginal opening results in the decrease of the vaginal muscles.

Masturbation and frequent sexual activity

The vagina contracts and expands whenever you have sex or only when you masturbate.

These contractions and repeated expansions will cause the vaginal walls to tend to become loose and lose their elasticity.

Also, when too much force is applied during penetration it can damage the opening and the entire vaginal canal, causing the vagina to lose its grip and elasticity.

How To Find Out If You Have Wide Flaccid Vagina

While most women are able to feel and “admit” that their vagina has gotten longer with time, some of us may not be well aware of the problem.

Here are some simple tips that will help you find out if your vagina is wide.

Inserting more than two fingers into the vagina without any resistance or pain may mean that the vagina is wide.

Then again, if you are able to insert your index finger into the vagina and do not contract the vaginal walls (try wrapping the vaginal walls around the index finger) then you certainly have a wide vagina.

If your partner starts complaining, or you are no longer able to feel the movements as before, the chances of having a wide vaginal canal is increased.

A loose vagina not only reduces your sexual sensitivity, but also does not allow your partner to achieve an adequate orgasm.

If you masturbate frequently and need to insert larger objects to achieve the desired sexual stimulation and satisfaction, the chances of having the wide vagina are too great.


How To Tighten Your Vaginal Muscles

Despite the existence of some surgical procedures to tighten the vaginal canal, we always recommend, initially, the practice of some methods (exercises) as well as the use of some home remedies and solutions.

There is no need to visit the doctor or gynecologist for any type of surgical treatments to tighten your vagina.

You can simply follow some simple home remedies or exercises that can effectively tighten your vaginal muscles and reduce the size of the vaginal opening.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel Exercise

One of the most popular solutions to tighten your vagina is to choose to perform Kegel exercises regularly.

Frequently recommended for postnatal women, Kegel exercises involve the contraction of the groin muscles, rather the Pubiococcygeus muscle, located in the pelvic floor area, in order to tone and strengthen the muscles that tighten the vagina.

  1. Contract and relax the groin muscles (try to locate the Pubiococcygeus muscle) at least 10 times, rest, and repeat the exercise again.
  2. Try to perform your exercise at least 10 times (10 sets of 10 contractions, with a few seconds rest between them), every day.
  3. Alternatively, you can try to contract the Pubiococcygeus muscle while urinating, and hold the urine for 5 seconds before continuing. Repeat the procedure every time you need to urinate. This will help to tighten your pelvic floor muscles.

Vaginal Cones

Vaginal Cone

Another commonly used training method for tightening the vaginal muscles is the use of a vaginal cone that looks like a tampon (internal absorbent), but has weights attached to it.

  1. You need to insert the vaginal cone (with the weights hanging off the end) into the vagina and try to hold it with the help of the vaginal muscles for a few minutes before releasing it.
  2. Just repeat the procedure at least 5 times a day and add more weight as you progress (gaining strength in the vagina muscles).

Leg Ups

This simple exercise only requires you to lie on your back on the floor and lift your legs up one after the other, as shown in the picture below. Do not bend your legs, instead hold them straight. Lift and lower legs alternately.

Leg ups

  1. A slight variation for this exercise involves lifting the legs sideways. Stand sideways (as shown in the picture above). Keep your legs straight again and lift.
  2. Repeat the movement for one minute, and change sides. Continue the exercise for about 10 minutes and try to do it at least 5 times a day for better results faster.

Indiana Gooseberry (Alma)

Here is aa very simple home remedy to help tighten the vaginal muscles.

Currant, especially Indian gooseberry (amla), is known to be one of the best natural solutions for narrowing the vaginal canal.

The benefits of Indian gooseberry also include very rich properties that help to improve skin, hair and our overall health.

Indiana Gooseberry

  1. Put 10 to 12 Indian currants in a saucepan and boil well in pure water.
  2. The fruit extract should be mixed with water and form an opaque blend. Place the mixture in a bottle and store in a cool, dry place.
  3. Apply the mixture throughout the vaginal area before taking a shower.

Performing this every day procedure will increase the elasticity of the vaginal muscle and strengthen the entire area in a few weeks, or months depending on the degree of the problem.

Aloe Vera

Natural treatments to tighten the walls of the vagina also include the use of aloe vera. The gel extracted from the aloe vera plant can be very helpful in making the vaginal muscles tighter.Aloe Vera

  1. Take a large sheet of aloe and remove the gel from it (as shown in the photo above). All you need to do is apply about 2 tablespoons of this fresh gel to the outer and inner parts of the vagina, every day.
  2. Massage the skin from the flaccid area with the gel or simply run your fingers over gently.

The regenerative properties of the plant can end the vaginal wall prolapse and strengthen the muscles present in the region effectively.

Curcuma comosa Roxb.

Curcuma Comosa Roxb. is a plant of the ginger family, and has amazing effects on our vagina.

Curcuma comosa Roxb.

The regular use of Curcuma comosa Roxb. can prevent prolapse of the vaginal wall, while reducing many other vaginal and other issues. Now let’s get to know the plant better.

This medicinal plant is used for its anti-inflammatory properties, in the treatment of postpartum uterine bleeding and inflamed uterus .

Research suggests that Curcuma comosa extract has a strong anti-inflammatory activity and has great potential to be developed for use as a therapeutic compound for several neurological diseases associated with inflammation.

Traditional uses of Thailadeses include the rhizome of Curcuma comosa Roxb in relieving postpartum uterine pain, and reducing inflammation of the uterus after delivery.

Several studies have been conducted on the effects of Curcuma comosa Roxb, showing that the plant can reduce blood cholesterol, increase the thickness of the epithelial cells lining the vagina, and decrease uterine contraction.

The plant is also used to treat prolapse of the vaginal wall, tighten the vaginal muscles, and relieve premenstrual syndrome and menstrual cramps.

The plant is used to centuries in Thailand as a remedy for many other gynecological problems, including vaginal dryness, hot flashes, excessive white and yellow vaginal discharge, vaginal odor , and absent, excessive or irregular menstrual cycles.

The plant appears to increase the effect of ovarian and testicular hormones, and may have an estrogenic effect. Miraculous plant much appreciated and used in luxury Thai Spas to give a lifting effect to flabby muscles, promote blood circulation, and provide shine and good health to our skin.

How to tighten the vagina fast, using Curcuma Comosa Roxb? You just need to extract the juice from the root and apply it generously in your genital area. The results can be achieved quite quickly, sometimes in just under a month.

Note: It is important not to confuse the plant with others, nor to go in the talk of vendors who say the plants are the same.

You must have noticed that I have often mentioned the scientific name of the plant ” Curcuma Comosa Roxb “. This is because there are many other species almost identical.

There is ginger, then there is Curcuma, also known as saffron or saffron. Both are basically identical, “but they are not the plant we refer to here.”

Just go to the specialty stores: Here is the information you need. Name of plant: Curcuma Comosa Roxb. Family: Zingiberaceae


Pueraria Mirifica

Although the scientific name Pueraria Mirifica (Pueraria candollei var. Mirifica) is very popular for its natural enhancement properties, it has also shown very positive results in treating this drama for some women.Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria Mirifica’s tuberous root extract is rich in phytoestrogens, non-steroidal chemical compounds found in plants, and helps stimulate the process of regeneration of tissues in the pelvic region as well as the genital regions.

In this way, applying the plant extract to these areas can make the walls of the vagina become firmer.

Manjakani (oak galls of the species Quercus infectoria)

The oak galls, oak apples (manjakani), of the species Quercus Infectoria, grow in Anatolia (Asia Minor): Iraq, Kurdistan and Turkey; as well as in Cyprus and Greece, and were introduced into Europe in 1822.Manjakani

It is a fruit greatly appreciated for its ability to tighten the vaginal canal. It contains tannins, phytoestrogens and large astringent properties, which work cumulatively on the muscles of the vaginal wall, making them more elastic.

Oak extract (Quercus Infectoria) is applied directly to the vaginal region for this purpose. For best results, use daily before showering.

Other benefits of this extract:

  • prevents the development of dry, oily skin as well as acne
  • improves vision
  • strengthens teeth and bones
  • regulates the menstrual cycle
  • reduces vaginal discharge
  • eliminates vaginal infections
  • decrease pain associated with menstrual cramps and back pain
  • gallic acid in the plant prevents diabetes and asthma
  • helps in the prevention of breast cancer and cervical cancer

Galls are extensively used in Malaysia in combination with other herbs, for the same purpose (as a home remedy for postpartum women, helping to restore the elasticity of the uterine wall, and in many other vaginal products).

Manjakani extract was also claimed by Kelantan Malaysians as being highly beneficial to postpartum women.

So far no dangerous or minor effects have been reported after application of the plant. In addition, the Arabs, Persians, Indians, Malaysians and Chinese traditionally use it after childbirth to treat vaginal discharge and some infections triggered at this stage.

The galls of the Quercus infectoria have properties: astringent , anti-diabetic , anti tremorine , local anesthetic , antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal , larvicidal, anti-inflammatory, anti amoebic, and are used to treat skin infections as well as gastrointestinal disorders.

Hamamelis L. ( Hamamelia)

The bark of the shrub Hamamelis L. is considered another home remedy quite effective for a loose vagina. Firstly, the dried bark must be milled and powdered.Hamamelis L.

It is then mixed with water to prepare the herbal solution. You will need to wash the genitals with this mixture at least once every week.

Being a wonderful astringent, witch hazel L. can help tighten the vagina quite efficiently.

Actaia, Streptococcus (Actaea racemosa)

Actaia, Streptococcus

Actaea, also known as St. Christopher’s herb, scientific name Actaea racemosa, is another extraordinary plant that can be used to tone the vagina to a certain extent.

It has high levels of phytoestrogens, which play a key role in making the vaginal muscles firmer.

Make a water extract of the plant and apply the solution throughout the intimate area daily. Primcipally recommended primarily for women over 40 years.

Healthy Diet

Carrying out a diet rich in estrogen-rich foods is another great way to increase vaginal firmness.

Give preference to foods like sesame seeds, pomegranates, soybeans, dried fruits, flaxseed, chickpeas and (all these foods help increase the natural hormones that will strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

These foods are also part of a healthy and balanced diet, which will contribute to your overall health.

Vaginal Tightening Creams

Over-the-counter creams can be a great bet when traditional solutions such as those mentioned above are not good enough.

The combination of the two can deliver truly transformative results.

What these creams contain in their composition: These creams normally contain Manjakani Extract, a powerful astringent, Pueraria extract, aloe vera, witch hazel extract, among other extracts of astringent plants.

How They Work: Manjakani Extract is an ingredient used in medicine, 100% natural, with properties that encourage tightening of the skin and reduction of sagging. When applied to the vagina it improves blood flow, causing the vagina to “swell,” which results in a tighter vagina sensation.

The creams work: The reviews are surprisingly positive (read my V-Tight Gel review).More than 80% of the women who tried these creams were surprised by the results, although many women also claim that the effect of the extract lasts only a few hours after the application.

Side Effects: A small percentage of women who have already used these creams informs that they have caused them infections and vaginal irritation.

Conclusion: It may be worth trying if you want to tighten the vagina even temporarily to increase sexual sensation and satisfaction.



When performing these home remedies and herbal remedies to tighten the vagina, you should always keep in mind that we can not guarantee you “effectively” good results for your case. For as we all know, no remedy works equally for everyone.

If this is your situation, the only solution will be to contact a professional in the area (gynecologist), or test other proven methods, such as Kegel exercises (working the pelvic floor muscles), test products to tighten the vagina (creams, gel, etc.), or surgical techniques such as labioplasty (vaginoplasty), and so on.

Note: The idea that vinegar was a miracle remedy to tighten the vagina has now become widespread on the Internet. The simple answer is, it is not true. Do not believe everything you read or see on the Internet!

I hope the article on has somehow been helpful to you and has helped answer the question on how to make your vag tighter. And never forget. You are not alone in this battle! You can finally answer the question of ‘how to make your pussy tight’ and ‘how can you tighten your vagina lips’.