How To Increase Your Breast Size Naturally

Increase Breast Size

There is no magic potion to make your breasts grow a cup size or two larger. However, there are some ways to make your breasts look fuller and to help keep them from sagging, which will make them look a lot less flattering. Whether you are looking for a lift or a bit more fullness, there are some things that you can do to increase your breast size naturally. Be patient while you perform one or more of these tasks on a regular basis. You may not see results overnight, but you will over time.

Anatomy of the Breasts

The breasts are made up of special gland-like structures that produce milk. The milk then flows through ducts to the nipples where the milk can be accessed by a hungry infant. Surrounding these milk-producing features are layers of fat and connective tissues. Although there is no muscle in the breasts themselves, the breasts lay on top of the muscles that make up the chest wall.

Breast size can often be determined by your genetics. You can inherit your breast size from previous members of your family. Some medical problems can cause you to have smaller breasts. Hormones, especially estrogen, can impact the size of your breasts. This is because these hormones are the signals that tell your breasts when they need to produce milk, which makes your breasts fuller and larger. Increasing these breast-swelling hormones is one way to get the look of fuller breasts – you can use a natural herbal product like Breast Actives. When genetics or a health problem are responsible for smaller breasts, there is not too much that you can do about it, though the following tips and tricks can give you the illusion of more lift and fullness.


Larger Breasts with Exercise

A good way to gain the appearance of larger breasts is through exercise. Although the breasts themselves do not contain muscle, exercises that strengthen the chest wall, shoulders, back, and even the core can help to make your breasts look perkier. This can help to create the look of larger breasts because they will not be drooping downward from weak muscles or bad posture. Exercises may involve the use of your own body weight or of hand-held weights.

Using Weights for Larger Breasts

When choosing weights for the exercises you need to perform, you can use a barbell, a set of dumbbells, or even a set of wrist or ankle weights. It is best to use lighter weights, such as those that are from three to five pounds, for the best toning effects on your muscles. You can make your own hand-held weights by using soup cans or water bottles. To make your weights heavier, you can use old water bottles and fill them with rocks or any small, heavy items you may have around the house. There are many great exercises to help lift your breasts and make them appear fuller. Perform three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions of each exercise. You can do these almost every day, though you should take a break one day a week for your muscles to strengthen through healing.

Chest Press

Lie on your back, preferably on a bench but the floor is fine if that’s all you have. Holding a weight in each hand, lay your arms straight out on either side of you, then bend up at the elbows, keeping upper arms perpendicular to the shoulders. Breathing out as you lift, press your hand upward and above your chest lifting the weights for a count of three. Hold in this position for a count of three, then slowly lower for another count of three.

Standing Chest Press

Stand with feet shoulder width apart holding a weight in each hand. With elbows bent, bring weights up to your shoulders with palms of hands facing forward. Extend arms out in front of you, exhaling as you go for a count of three. Hold for three seconds, then slowing bring back, inhaling, for a count of three.

Military Press

Stand with feet should width apart. With a weight in each hand, hold arms out at shoulder height and bend hands up. Lift arms straight up above head while exhaling and counting to three. Hold for a count of three then inhale as you bring your arms to starting position to a count of three.

Side Arm Lifts

Stand with feet should width apart and hold a weight in each hand. Start with arms hanging loosely at your sides. Exhale while lifting your arms up until they are in a straight line even with your shoulders. Slowly lower to your start position.


Using Body Weight to Increase Breast Size

If you have no weights or wish to start slowly, there are some exercises that you can do without weights.

Push Ups

Push ups are a great exercise for your chest, shoulders, and back. You can do regular push ups or modified push ups on your knees. It can work different muscles to do push up variations, such as wall push ups or performing your push ups with your hands on a table or other firm surface.

Arm Presses

Standing with feet shoulder width apart, hold arms straight out to your side. Keeping your core tight, close in your arms to bring your hands together, then open your arms back to the starting position.

Increase Breast Size with Foods

Certain foods are high in plant estrogens that mimic the effects of natural estrogen in the body. Other foods are known for their ability to trick the beasts that milk production is necessary. When you eat these foods, it boosts the effects that the hormones have on your body, creating a bit more fullness in the breasts. Certain fruits and vegetables are high in phytoestrogens. Soy products, fenugreek, fennel seeds, and flaxseeds are other good sources.

Using Massage to Increase Breast Size

Massage can increase blood flow to the affected area, which can stimulate a look of fullness. Physical manipulation of the breasts may also result in a bit of swelling and tenderness, so be sure to use an oil or cream to prevent dragging of the skin. Coconut oil, olive oil, or another one of your favorites are good choices. You can also choose a cream that is specifically created to increase breast size. Massage gently using circular motions, working your way from the center of your breasts outward. Also, you can use flat strokes to move from the outer to the inner edges of your breasts. The great thing about using massage to help boost your breast size is that your partner can join in on the massage for double the pleasure.

Moisturize Your Girls

While moisturizers can be used during massage, good lotions and creams can also be beneficial to keep the skin of the breasts soft and elastic. This can help to reduce sagging and to keep the skin looking full and healthy for the look of fuller breasts. Choose a formula that fits with your needs. Some good choices are firming and lifting formulas.

Gain Weight if You Are Underweight

Because fat tissue comprises a good portion of breast tissue, you need enough fat in your body to make sure that your breasts reach their full potential. However, it is important to note that this trick only works if you are underweight or have a very low fat content in your body. When gaining weight, choose healthy fats combined with high protein for the most benefit.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is bad for your health and it turns out it could be bad for your breasts as well. Smoking really impacts the condition of the skin, weakening the elasticity and firmness. This can result in sagging and wrinkling of the skin of the breasts. Reduce further damage to breast tissue and give up the butts for good.

While You Wait

Creating fuller breasts takes time and effort. While you wait, there are some things that you can do to create the illusion of bigger breasts. Using any of these tips and tricks can help you to gain confidence and give you the motivation to keep moving forward on your natural breast enhancing endeavors.

Choose bra that fits

A good fitting bra will keep your breasts uplifted for a fuller profile. There are special bras that can lift and add more fullness for added cleavage. If you are wearing clothing that covers your breasts, you may wish to choose a bra that lifts and separates for better results.

Choose the right neckline

Wearing clothing with a higher neckline is a great way to disguise your lack of cleavage. Additionally, you can choose necklines that are adorned, gathered, or decorated in some way to draw attention away from the breasts themselves while providing a look of more proportion. Shirts with colorful prints can have a similar effect.


Vagina Tightening Exercises: What You Need To Know

Every muscle in the human body has the ability to expand and contract. Its composition and your ability to control or flex it determine the strength and endurance. Muscles undergo considerable wearing over the years and it is a natural process. The weakening of the muscles is also facilitated by many unavoidable factors. The truth is the inevitable consequence of weak muscles. Most muscles in the human body will have limited range of motion, reduced strength and declining endurance. The vaginal muscles are not an exception.

Vagina Tightening Exercises

Vaginal Relaxation Explained

There are three main reasons why women experience vaginal relaxation, often referred to as a loose vagina. Ageing is the primary cause. The second cause is pregnancy and childbirth. Multiple pregnancies and childbirths quicken the process of vaginal relaxation. The third cause is a combination of factors. Overall health, body mass index or bodyweight, lifestyle, diet and lack of exercise have a cumulative impact on the vaginal muscles.

Vaginal relaxation or a loose vagina is not indicative of an underlying medical problem. There may be some diagnosed condition but the loosening is mainly due to weaker muscles in the pelvic area. The vagina has several external parts and many internal parts. The external sexual anatomy of a woman comprises the labia or lips, clitoris, opening of the urethra, vaginal opening, anus and mons pubis. The internal sexual anatomy of a woman comprises the vaginal tube, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, fimbriae, ovaries, Bartholin’s glands and Skene’s glands, hymen and Gräfenberg spot.

All the internal and external parts of the sexual anatomy of a woman are expected to work optimally and serve their purposes. These are held together in their proper places by the musculoskeletal structure in and around the pubic, pelvic and lower abdominal area. If there is any musculoskeletal problem in these areas then the positions of some of the organs may shift, a few parts may be stressed, strained or compressed, there can be lack of stimulation or optimum functioning of some of the parts and there will be a certain extent of vaginal relaxation.


The Significance of Exercises to Tighten your Vagina

Musculoskeletal conditions can be remedied with exercise, including or excluding therapy depending on the exact nature of the problem. Since vaginal relaxation is a muscular problem at its crux, unless there is any skeletal anomaly or injury caused to the bones in the pubic or pelvic area, the remedy has to be exercise. There is of course surgery and other remedies but exercise is the most natural, safest and holistic way to tighten your vagina. The significance of exercises to tighten your vagina cannot be overstated. Millions of women have experienced positive results and there is no reason why you should not have the vaginal tightness or firmness restored.


Vagina Exercises to Tighten your Vagina


Kegel Exercises

The most popular remedy is Kegel exercises. Named after Dr. Arnold Kegel, the gynecologist who proposed and developed the exercises as one of the methods to manage incontinence, there is now a spectrum of workouts that you can rely on to train the vaginal muscles, including the pelvic floor, so you can have much greater control. Stronger and flexible muscles are easier to control. They have greater endurance. They also hold the various anatomical parts in their proper positions and facilitating their optimum functioning.

Kegel exercises are quite simple. The focus is on squeezing and contracting the vaginal walls, holding them in that position for up to eight seconds at a time and subsequently relaxing the same muscles. You are required to repeat every such squeezing or contracting and then relaxing or expanding the muscles around ten times. Every set of ten repetitions can be performed at least thrice. You can choose one to three Kegel exercises and work out twice or three times every day.

You may or may not choose a weight. There are Kegel exercise balls available for women who wish to choose a weight. Start with a weight that you think is sufficient given your strength and present level of fitness. You can always increase the weight later. You can start with normal Kegel flex or stretch, graduate to Kegel bridge and Kegel march. These are relatively simple exercises and a short video will help you to get started.

Kegel Exercise



Yoga is one of the most effective forms of exercise when it comes to restoring the natural strength, endurance and flexibility of muscles. Yoga also enhances skeletal strength. Your core strength, the sense of balance and actual control of various voluntarily movable parts of your body will be substantially enhanced. There are various yoga poses or postures that work directly on the pelvic floor. The muscles in the pelvic floor can be worked on in an isolated manner and there are composite workouts that can also target other muscles groups and hence help you with overall weight loss and fitness.

You can try yogic squat, also known as malasana. Legs up the wall is a useful exercise but make sure you have the right posture, breathe properly and balance yourself in the right manner, without exerting unnecessary pressure on wrong muscle groups. You can try the child’s pose and reclined bound angle too. Yoga serves as the predecessor of the contemporary plank and bridge. Yoga also serves as the inspiration for many pilates exercises and other newer workouts. There are many yoga poses you can choose from.


Other Effective Vagina Exercises to Tighten your Vagina

Bodyweight has a correlation with vaginal relaxation. You must lose some weight and try to attain the ideal body mass index. This does not mean every slender woman is immune to vaginal relaxation. It is simply so that obese and overweight woman will take longer to tighten their vagina because of weaker control of their pelvic muscles.

Walking, jogging or running, routine workouts at a gym, any other type of cardio or aerobics and activities of various kinds that require physical movement and exertion will help with weight loss. There are some rather common yet effective vagina exercises to tighten your vagina. Squatting is a great workout. You do not need to carry weights during your squats. Make sure you flex the hip flexor muscles and use your pelvic floor to maintain the poise and power your squats. Many women and also men use their calves and thighs without exerting any pressure or effectively contracting and expanding their hip flexor and pelvic floor muscles. Squats are futile if the hip flexor and pelvic floor muscles are not engaged.

Chinese balls have helped many women experience some improvement. These balls are used as you use tampons. They are inserted into the vagina. They can strengthen the pelvic muscles and also be a source of pleasure. Many women perform Kegel exercises while having these balls inserted into their vagina. The Chinese balls are not very different from Kegel exercise balls but they are not identical. It is also important to note that you should not overuse these balls. Limit exercising with them to ten minutes or at the most fifteen minutes in an entire day. Such limited exercise may not suffice so the rest of the time you work out should be without the balls.

Two other effective exercises to tighten your vagina are vertical scissors and vaginal weight lifting. Vertical scissors do not require any equipment or aid. Vaginal weight lifting will require some but you can avoid it if you want. The purpose of all vagina exercises is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles so they can be flexed and controlled more effectively. Voluntary control plays an important role initially. In due course of time, you will experience a tighter or firmer vagina when it will not feel relaxed even when you are not consciously controlling it or trying to squeeze and contract the walls.

Vaginal Weightlifting

The Expected Outcome of the Exercises to Tighten your Vagina

The aforementioned exercises are not very different from routine workouts of fitness enthusiasts. Every muscle in the human body needs to be challenged for it to be strengthened. It will have enhanced endurance over a period of time. The transformation cannot be overnight. The muscles in the pelvic area will get stronger. They will help in the healing of any scar tissue and other problems that may not have been diagnosed. The stronger muscles will then naturally tighten the vagina, including its internal and external parts.

It should be noted that these exercises to tighten your vagina are aimed at improving the actual feeling of firmness. You may have a bit of wrinkling or a little saggy skin on or around your vagina. Some of these aesthetic concerns may get addressed with the exercises but not entirely. These exercises will restore the youthful firmness of your vagina and help you feel much better during sex or even foreplay and stimulation. The exercises and hence a firmer vagina does play a role in orgasm. Older women who have incontinence and other issues will also experience considerable relief with many of the aforementioned exercises.


Vaginal Tightening Wands: Do They Work?

Vaginal Tightening WandVaginal relaxation is a reality for millions of women. It is actually a natural problem facilitated by ageing. Nearly all four billion women in the world will experience vaginal relaxation eventually. While age related vaginal relaxation is not much of a concern and it should not bother women who are over sixty years old, a loose vagina is indeed a problem if it is premature. Women can experience vaginal relaxation even in their thirties. Women who give birth to more than two children in quick succession will experience temporary or transient vaginal relaxation regardless of age, even in the early or mid twenties if they have multiple pregnancies and childbirths.

Vaginal relaxation is caused or worsened by age, pregnancies and vaginal childbirths, hormonal imbalance including low levels of estrogen, bodyweight and level of fitness, lifestyle and diet. Physical activity or the lack of it also plays a role. Interestingly, sexual intercourse or even sexual stimulation has little to do with vaginal relaxation. There is no correlation between frequent or infrequent sex and vaginal relaxation. Women who have a loose vagina may feel that frequent sex or hard sexual intercourse to an extent of being rough is a cause but it is not. Rough sexual intercourse may cause pain and might worsen the symptoms but it does not cause permanent vaginal relaxation.


Remedies for Vaginal Relaxation

There are many available remedies for vaginal relaxation, the least desirable of which is surgery. Vaginoplasty may seem to be a more surefire remedy but it is risky and hence unsafe. It is also expensive and does not guarantee the desired transformation. There are vaginal exercises, from Kegel to Yoga and more, that can be tried but many women do not have enough time or the motivation to be stringent with their workout routines. This is where vaginal tightening wands become relevant and at times necessary.

Vagina rejuvenation through cosmetic or plastic surgeries such as labiaplasty and vaginoplasty are ruled out due to cost and risk factors. These two procedures can cause serious side effects including permanent scarring, loss of sensation and stimulation, bleeding, nerve damage, infection, damage to the bladder and rectal damage among other problems. Topical solutions are often not the solution since the problem is at a muscular level and not epidermal or dermal in nature.


What are Vaginal Tightening Wands?

Vaginal tightening wands are a natural and safe remedy to have a firmer vagina. There is no side effect and the transformation is can be observed and is hence measurable. Vaginal tightening wands are usually made of natural ingredients, such as grassroots and other herbs as well as plant extracts. You will get to learn about ingredients such as Indonesian grassroots, pearl stratum powder, curcuma comosa, burneol and alum alumen.


Benefits of Vaginal Tightening Wands

Vagina tightening wands need to be inserted just like tampons. They are natural and safe so do not worry. They will easily glide into the vagina and you will not feel any pain or discomfort, unless you have chosen an outright unsuitable product. The wands are typically the size of a regular cigar. Here are the benefits of vaginal tightening wands.

These wands, which you may refer to as rods, increase the firmness of the vagina to the same extent as exercise will. The wands cause the vaginal muscles to be flexed, thereby engaging them actively and it influences the strengthening of the pelvic floor in due course of time.

The product is completely hygienic and safe. It is suitable for women regardless of age and medical history. It does not have anything to do with pregnancy or childbirth. Women who do not have any children yet or those who have many kids can comfortably use it when they are not pregnant or immediately after childbirth.

The wands can also counter vaginal odor. The rods effectively absorb the bad bacteria that accumulate in the vagina over a period of time and contribute the most to the foul odor. A smelly vagina is the last thing a woman wants, especially when she is already experiencing vaginal relaxation. The vaginal tightening wands can get rid of fishy and other foul odors, subsequently making the vagina smell normal and fresh.

The wands can regulate normal discharge. They tend to neutralize the acidity or basic nature of the vagina. The sticks can also improve sexual experience. This improvement is not elusive till your vaginal muscles are tightened or firmed up. The improvement will be realizable within a few days of using the vaginal tightening wands.

There are some pleasant implications of using vaginal tightening wands. They improve self esteem or confidence. They make a woman feel happier about herself and it shows in the way she acts and reacts. The vaginal tightening wands are not as invasive as surgeries and definitely not nearly as expensive.


How to Use Vaginal Tightening Wands

Vaginal tightening wands should be used for around fifteen to twenty minutes before having sex. The immediate effect is best experienced when you have such a routine before sexual intercourse. There is no prohibition on using the wands at other times of the day, evening or night. But you must not use the wands longer than thirty seconds every time.

You must first moisten the wand, especially the head, with lukewarm water. You must use running water to ensure the head is cleaned, especially if it has been used before. You should insert the moistened head of the wand into the vagina. Rotate the wand slightly and slowly. Repeat this rotating for up to twenty seconds at a time. Pull the wand out, no later than thirty seconds. You do not wish to tighten the vaginal muscles beyond the firmness necessary. Always clean your vaginal tightening wands before you put them way for later use.

You do not have to use any other product with the vaginal tightening wands, unless the manufacturer or the brand has recommended something specific. The wands work without the need of creams, lotions or gels.


How To Make Your Vagina Smell Good

Vagina Smell GoodVaginas smell and it is not the same odor of every woman. A woman will experience varying odors from time to time. It is quite natural for the odor to vary at different times of the day and night. It is hard to generalize how a vagina smells or should smell as it is a combination of many factors. What can be ascertained is how your vagina should not smell!


Normal Odor in and around the Vagina

Humans have different kinds of body odor. Our face and neck smell differently from our armpits. The obvious reason is sweat, oil and bacteria. Armpits sweat and the sebaceous glands produce more sedum, thereby facilitating growth of bacteria and it is also common for fungi to thrive on the skin and the hair. This leads to the foul odor that is associated with armpits. Likewise, sweaty feet smell and so do feet after you have had a long day in socks and shoes. The feet smell worse when there is excessive growth of microbes, not just on the skin but also in the toenails.

Vaginas usually do not have any smell right after a shower, especially if you have properly washed the genital area. The vagina will start to smell in a few hours when sweat accumulates. Many bacteria live on and inside the vagina so they will have a distinct odor. Vaginas are rarely odorless but for the short time after a bath or douche. The healthiest of vaginas will have strong odors. A smelly vagina is not an obvious sign of any anomaly. However, there are distinct odors that do indicate a problem.

It is easy to say that every woman has a unique odor in her vagina. This is not true. Most women have similar odors. The odor will vary and be influenced by any factors including diet, the biochemical composition inside the vagina, the health of the skin around it, hygiene, grooming habits, choice of underwear which is mostly about synthetics or natural fabrics, hormones and the optimum functioning of several glands. Vaginas secrete pheromones and they influence the odor. Pheromones are actually desirable as they trigger excitement and sexual interest.


Abnormal Odor in and around the Vagina

More than the normal odor, women should be conscious of abnormal odor in and around the vagina. A vagina should not have the odor of rotten fish. It should not have any rotten smell. If it feels something is rotten down there, then you have some kind of infection or inflammation. The infection could be bacterial, fungal or yeast. There may be other issues too. An imbalance of good and bad bacteria can cause abnormal odor. Routine changes in odor are not cause for concern. Women will have distinct odors before, during and after periods. The pH changes in and around the vagina depending on sexual activity, hormones, health, grooming and diet. Semen is basic so it tends to change the pH to alkaline. Diets may turn the pH to acidic. Poor hygiene may also do the same.

Vaginas can clean themselves so the pH will be restored in some time. Vaginas get rid of bad bacteria, germs, fungi and yeast. These discharges may be colorless or vary from grey to yellow, neon green and other quaint hues. If the discharge is colored, then you should see your gynecologist. If any abnormal odor is accompanied by a discharge, pain and itchiness, then you must immediately consult your gynecologist. Many women experience some odor due to the use of specific kinds of underwear, perfumes or scented products and other accessories. Stopping such use will restore the natural odor. Bad odor is not always a sign of any serious health issue in or around the vagina.


Unpleasant Odors in and around the Vagina

Fishy scent or the smell of something rotting is unpleasant and it demands a diagnosis. Mildly fishy smell that does not persist for long is not a problem. Sustained fishy and rotten smell may be caused by trichomoniasis and bacterial vaginosis. The latter, bacterial vaginosis, is a common infection due to imbalance of good and bad bacteria. It is not a sexually transmitted infection. Trichomoniasis is a very common sexually transmitted infection and it is curable. The infection may also spread through nonsexual contact. These two conditions usually have a gray or white discharge. Both conditions can be treated by prescribed antibiotics. It should be noted that neither is a yeast infection.

Metallic scent is unpleasant but it is not concerning. Most women will have a metallic odor in and around their vagina after periods and immediately after having sex, especially if condom is not used and the genital area gets exposed to semen. Vagina is acidic and there is a temporary transformation to basic or alkaline due to the exposure to semen. The metallic odor will fade soon enough. Unless you have any discharge, itching or pain and the metallic scent prevails for days, there is no need to worry or seek any advice from your gynecologist.

Your vagina may have an odor associated with bread. This is the yeasty scent caused by an infection. Yeast infections are very common. However, yeast infections do not always cause any odor. There may be itchiness and white discharge, usually thick, but no prominent odor. Many women observe a faint yeasty or subtle bread like smell, almost musty. This is usually due to yeast infections. A musky scent is not due to yeast infections though. Musty odor is quite normal and common. It does not indicate any underlying problem or infection. It is normal for the odor to be more or less musty from time to time.

Not all fishy odors are associated with a scent of something rotten. There may be a rotten odor without any fishy scent. If a vagina starts to smell like something is rotten and the odor is quite intense, it is best to see a gynecologist immediately. It is quite possible a tampon had gone astray and you may have forgotten about it. There could be other problems as well. Vaginal smells do have a pattern. Unless something is wrong or there are changes to your diet, lifestyle including sexual habits, grooming, hygiene, choice of underwear and apparel, use of cosmetics and overall health, the vagina will smell the same at certain times of the day, week and month.


How to Avoid Bad Odor in and around the Vagina

Do not use any product that will alter the natural odor of your vagina. Do not use bath salts you have never heard of. Avoid scented douches. Do not use any synthetic perfume for your vagina to smell nice. This will cause an adverse reaction and you will have one of the abnormal and unpleasant odors due to the response of your body. Avoid using makeup down there. Do not use any product that will alter the pH of your vagina. If you have to use lubes, wipes, tampons and condoms, make sure you choose reliable brands.

You may want to undergo tests for hormonal imbalance. Women do experience hormonal imbalance all the time. If the imbalance is not too severe, you may not feel anything and life goes on like every other day or night. Symptoms of hormonal imbalance occur when there is substantial depletion of one or excessive secretion of another. While these symptoms are obvious, bad odor in your vagina may be a sign of some kind of hormonal imbalance. Do not go for tests if you have a transient scent in your vagina. Opt for tests if the bad odor persists for days.

You can check your microbiome to know for certain that there is no bacterial imbalance. This is also related to hormonal imbalance. Too many factors play a role in hormonal secretions and balance of good & bad bacteria in the body, right from the gastrointestinal tracts to the vagina. Even the bacteria and other microbes that live on our skin are influenced by hormones, immune system, lifestyle, diet and overall health. There are many ways to ensure optimum microbiome health. You may detoxify, eat more leafy vegetables and greens, lemons and fiber. You should reduce intake of sugar, coffee, dairy and animal protein.

Do not use untested items to stimulate your sex life. You should not expose your vagina to foreign objects that are not proven to be completely safe. This not only applies to sex toys but also apparently common products such as lubricants. You need lubricants that do not contain petroleum, silicon, parabens and additives. Always choose organic products.

Do not use old and worn out underwear. Fabrics get hardened over time. Even if you have only natural fabrics, you must upgrade underwear from time to time if you wish to avoid bad odor in your vagina. You need underwear that is easy on the skin, lets your vagina breathe and does not retain too much sweat. The fabrics should not irritate the vagina and they must not contribute to bacterial imbalance or yeast growth. Organic or breathable cotton is your best choice.


How to Reduce and Eliminate Vaginal Odor


Focus on your hygiene. Wash your vagina every day, at least once during your shower. It is actually better to wash your vagina after every time you urinate. However, only wash the outside. There is no need to spray water inside your vagina. Use mild soap and a soft washcloth. Do not use harsh materials to clean the vagina. Do not rub the area unnecessarily and excessively to clean it. The body has its own mechanism to cleanse the vagina so you need to do something special. All you have to do is gently clean the area to get rid of sweat, dirt and dead skin. This simple ritual will also get rid of bad bacteria and other microbes from the area.

Do not use any product that has to be applied inside the vagina. If you are using tampons, make sure they are of the finest quality and there is no need to use scented or perfumed ones. Do not use anything that will alter the biochemistry of your vagina. Change underwear whenever you observe any bad smell. It is not ideal to use the same underwear for the whole day and night.

You may use some natural homemade remedies such as essential oils or vinegar. You may go for prescription drugs or over the counter medicines. Some women have used tea tree oil to eliminate bad odors. Tea tree oil is antifungal and antimicrobial so it can reduce bad bacteria, even get rid of some of them. You can use a few drops of the essential oil in water and apply the mix outside the vagina. Do not apply the mix inside the vagina. Do not keep using the mix if there is no improvement. Vinegar must also be applied outside and not inside. You should restrict use to a maximum of two cups of apple cider vinegar during a bath. Soak for around twenty minutes and you will notice some improvement.


How to Prevent Vaginal Odor in the Future

Probiotics can help prevent vaginal odor. These are good bacteria that can restore the pH and also keep the bad bacteria in check. Bacterial imbalance is after all about the proportion of good bacteria vis-à-vis bad bacteria. You may choose probiotics in the form of supplements or go for goods that are rich in good bacteria, such as yogurt, sauerkraut and kombucha.

A healthy diet can help prevent vaginal odor. Eat meals that have balanced nutrition. Include vegetables and fruits, lean proteins and whole grains in your diet, Drink sufficient water through the day. Aim for a gallon daily so you consume at least three fourth of it.

Do not scrub your vagina and do not go for douches unless your gynecologist has recommended it. Normal washing of the outside is all you must do. Douches are effective at getting rid of bad bacteria but they also eliminate good bacteria. You should wash your vagina during a shower as well as before and after sexual intercourse.

Do not wear extremely tight clothes or fancy lingerie that has unpleasant synthetics. Make sure your vagina gets enough oxygen and remains well ventilated. Do not let sweat accumulate in and around the vagina. Go for cotton panties.


Everything You Need To Know About Vaginal Bleaching

Skin is the largest organ in the human body. It is almost perfect with dozens of unique attributes. However, it has a few imperfections too. An uneven skin tone is one of the most common problems that nearly every person on the planet has to deal with. It is not a gender specific problem, neither related to genetics nor ethnicity. Hyper pigmentation causes an uneven skin tone. Certain parts of your body will have slightly darker skin. This is not confined to the vaginal or genital area. Hyper pigmentation can occur anywhere but it is more likely to affect concealed skin, especially near the joints and where there are more sweat glands. Hyper pigmentation is more common on and around vagina, penis, buttocks, armpits, folds of arms and legs, base of neck and along the lower waist or the hip flexors.


What is Hyper-Pigmentation?

Hyper-pigmentation is a harmless skin condition. Some patches of skin turn darker than the normal complexion of a person. This darkening is usually due to excessive melanin in the skin. Melanin is the brown pigment that contributes to the natural color of the skin. If there is too much of this pigment in certain parts of the skin on your body, then you will have dark patches. It is not necessary for these dark patches to be of the same severity, size or shape. They may be subtle or obvious, confined to tiny patches or spread across larger parts, feel a little different than normal skin or be identical when touched.

Hyper-pigmentation, darkening of the skin or the dark patches should not be confused with any other skin condition. There are over twenty skin conditions that can cause changes to the color in one or more parts of the skin in humans. Radiation therapy, sunburn, candida, rosacea, burns, tinea versicolor, contact dermatitis, strawberry nevus, eczema, bleeding into the skin, vitiligo, stasis ulcer, basal cell carcinoma, actinic keratosis, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, melasma and blue spots are well researched, investigated and understood skin conditions. None of these have anything to do with the darkening of the skin on and around your vagina.


Uneven Skin Tone in the Vaginal Area

Only a few women in the world are lucky to have a flawless and spotless vagina. Most women in the world and that accounts for almost four billion people will have somewhat darker skin in their genital area compared to their natural complexion. This is not just about white or black women. This is true for all other races. Those who have brown skin will have darker shades of brown in their genital or vaginal skin. The reverse is never the case. There are quite a few reasons why this happens and hyper-pigmentation is one.

The vaginal area is sweaty, moisture remains trapped for long hours, tight clothing rub against the skin around the vagina, there is limited ventilation and the part of the skin is not taken as care of as the skin on our face, neck, arms or rest of the body. Prolonged sweating, rubbing against tight clothing and friction during other activities, including sex and exercise, lack of moisturizing when needed, excessive sweating when it is not ideal, overall health, age, quality of skin, dietary choices and lifestyle play a role in the darkening of the skin on the labia and around the vagina.

A darker vagina may be detrimental in more than one way. First, women do not feel sexy or confident when they find their vaginal area is not flawless. Every woman knows that perfection is elusive and it is truly futile to chase such aesthetic ideals but it is quite hard to believe and exercise that in the real world all the time. Second, the skin does feel a little different due to the excessive pigments. It feels a little sweaty, the texture is more leathery and there can be some changes to sensitivity. Both these are reasons enough to consider vaginal bleaching.


What is Vaginal Bleaching?

Vaginal bleaching is literally what the term means. It is a process of whitening the skin in the vaginal area. You may hear terms such as vaginal lightening or genital bleaching. All effectively mean the same. Vaginal bleaching is not new. It has been around for decades. Porn stars, strippers and super models have bleached their genital area for a long time now. Actors and actresses are no strangers to vaginal bleaching, regardless of whether or not they have had to do any nude scene or an adult movie. Today, common women who do not have anything to do with these industries are considering vaginal bleaching. It is no longer a secret. It is not a taboo. It is not expensive. It is absolutely normal for a woman to long for a more even skin tone in and around the genital area. This may not even have anything to do with her sex life or how sexy she feels. She may simply want to feel nice about the skin tone down under.

Vaginal bleaching is a relatively safe process but not all methods are reliable. There are some rather harmful products out there that you should definitely stay away from. Do not explore unproven ways to bleach the skin on and around your vagina. Vaginal bleaching solutions are often used by women and also men to treat hyper-pigmentation on buttocks and anal skin darkening. Some solutions can work for both vaginal bleaching and anal bleaching but not all will be equally effective. If you are considering vaginal bleaching, you must explore all your options and then choose the safest, most reliable and viable solution.


Effects of Vaginal Bleaching

It is necessary to understand how vaginal bleaching works and the kind of changes you can expect. This will help you to have realistic goals and you will also be a more informed judge. Do not expect the vaginal skin to look as great as the skin on your face, neck or many other parts of the body. The skin will lighten up, feel refreshed and it will be much closer to your natural complexion. The texture of the skin will be better, it will be more sensitive in some cases if someone had experienced a loss of sensitivity, there will be less sweat in normal circumstances and the result will be sustainable.

However, the skin will not turn light pink from dark pink in one night. Those who have a substantially brownish or blackish vaginal skin will not suddenly have white or pale skin in the genital area. The transformation will be gradual and subtle, leading to a result that will be obvious. Expecting the vaginal skin to be bleached to an extent that it attains the same tone as some other and more flawless parts of the body is being a tad overoptimistic.


Types of Vaginal Bleaching

There are three options at your discretion. You can consult a dermatologist, visit a spa or try a vaginal bleaching cream. A dermatologist will do more than just offer a remedy. Your skin type and its health will be assessed. The exact cause of hyper-pigmentation and facilitating factors will be ascertained. You will be recommended a few topical remedies, not very different from vaginal bleaching creams that you can anyway buy over the counter. The prescribed creams or vaginal bleaching lotions are not necessarily better or safer than over the counter products. The best dermatologists in the business will recommend dietary and lifestyle changes as well. Some will go to the extent of suggesting changes in apparel, innerwear and nightwear.

Salons or spas have vaginal bleaching treatments. These may involve vaginal bleaching creams and other remedies. You will get what can be best described as a full service. You can also go for other treatments too, such as pubic hair removal. Both dermatologists and salons or spas will cost you money, more than what you will pay for vaginal bleaching creams. Almost every dermatologist will require you to visit for consultation, diagnosis, treatment and follow up more than once. Salons or spas will also need more than one visit. The results are often transient so you may have to keep opting for the treatment time and again and end up adding a recurring expense to your budget every few months.

Vaginal bleaching creams are relatively affordable. They are as safe as any other prescribed remedy. Such creams have been widely used by women around the world. There are enough case studies, sufficient scientific research and clinical data to prove they work. There are obviously some unsafe creams, many ineffective products and a few expensive over the counter solutions. You must avoid these. Make an informed choice and you will be satiated with a safe, effective and affordable vaginal bleaching cream.


How to Choose a Vaginal Bleaching Cream

Always choose a natural vaginal bleaching cream. Do not choose one made of chemicals. Pick a renowned brand that has a credible track record with its vaginal bleaching creams. Read as much as you can about the specific brand and the particular cream you wish to pick and then check out all the ingredients, get familiar with the instructions and find relevant reviews of users so you can be sure of the efficacy of the product.

You must avoid chemicals such as hydroquinone. This chemical agent is a carcinogen. It can cause uterus cancer and other health issues. This is one of the most effective chemical agents that can lighten the skin in your vaginal area to a great extent. The risks are simply not worth taking. Many products contain irritants that can cause skin infections or painful side effects. Avoid such products. The criteria you should use to choose a vaginal bleaching cream must include ingredients, brand name, where the company is based and where it has manufactured the product, packaging, user reviews or testimonials and refund policy.

Do not try a product that has not been tested before or by very few women. Do not try a product solely because there is a money back guarantee. You have more to lose than the money you pay to buy the cream. Avoid buying a sizeable kit the very first time. Go for samples or starter kits. You can always restock later.


The Best Vaginal Bleaching Creams

You should avoid creams that have hydroquinone, steroids, parabens and mercury among other chemicals. Avoid all creams that have abrasive substances. Do not choose creams that have dyes and strong odors. Prioritize natural ingredients. Go for Kojic Acid Dipalmitate, Mulberry Extract, Alpha Arbutin and other plant based derivatives. These will be effective and there will be no side effect. Check the information of the manufacturer. Read the label, find out more about the company, check its licenses, registration and certifications, know its policies including shipping and returns, refer to studies if available or pay heed to genuine reviews.

All over the counter vaginal bleaching creams can be used at home. They may have varying effects depending on the extent of hyper-pigmentation. Not every type of skin responds identically to the same ingredients so your experience may be somewhat different from what another user will report. Observe changes, look out for sensitivity and irritation, any unnatural sensation and how much the skin is lightening up as you use a particular cream. One of the best vaginal bleaching creams available today is the Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum.

Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum is for women. It is safe and effective. It is specifically for vaginal bleaching. There are some other safe and effective vaginal lightening creams but they are not specified as such. Lakshma Maxxi, Pink Privates, Revitol and Biofade are used by women and men. They have not had reported harmful effects but they are not just used for vaginal bleaching. They are used for general skin tone lightening. You may or may not experience the best outcomes with these. Amaira makes the serum primarily for vaginal bleaching. The skin on the labia and the vulva is thicker than the skin on the arms or face. The skin may be more sensitive but its composition is substantially different. Hence, a vaginal bleaching cream has to be designed for the skin in the genital area to be optimally effective.



Vaginal Tightening Pills: What You Should Know

Vaginal relaxation is common among ageing women. Those who opt for natural childbirth may experience temporary vaginal relaxation. Women who have given birth to two or more children are more likely to have a relaxed vagina. It is difficult to say that only natural childbirth is the cause because a caesarean section also weakens the pelvic muscles, especially when a woman undergoes the procedure multiple times. Menopause has an effect on vaginal tightness, so do lack of exercise, obesity and many other lifestyle factors.


Common Remedies for Vaginal Relaxation

What is referred to as loose vagina or vagina loosening is basically vaginal relaxation. The muscles in the vaginal area are weaker than they should be. The pelvic floor may get lowered in due course of time. These cause the vagina go feel and actually turn looser or more relaxed. The solution is vaginal rejuvenation. There are many remedies widely recommended for vaginal rejuvenation or vaginal tightening. There are pills, gels or creams, surgery and exercises. Losing weight, exercises of the pelvic muscles, diet and maintaining an active & healthy lifestyle would definitely help. Creams or topical solutions like V-Tight Gel would help. Surgery is a risky procedure and also quite expensive. It is quite possible the surgery would be completely ineffective. There are serious side effects including complete loss of sensation in the vagina. Many women need to opt for surgery more than once. Vaginoplasty, which is the surgical procedure for vaginal reconstruction, is not the first preference for most women.

In recent years, a plethora of vaginal tightening pills have flooded the market. Some of them are recommended by doctors too but most are over the counter pills. Many of these vaginal tightening pills have no scientific backing. There are simply claims and counterclaims. It is normal for women to wonder if vaginal tightening pills have any desired effect at all. Since there is a lot of misinformation around and substantial hype about vaginal tightening pills, it is necessary to get down to the facts and explore the scientific foundation of claims being made by companies and endorsers of such products.


What are Vaginal Tightening Pills?

There is no lucid way to describe or even classify vaginal tightening pills. A myriad of ingredients have made their way into these pills. Some pills are natural but most have a combination of herbal extracts and chemicals. Artificial ingredients are widely used by the pharmaceutical industry. It is unclear and near impossible to know the actual composition of vaginal tightening pills. This is what makes the entire debate in favor of such pills to be rooted in speculation. Till such time one gets to know what the exact ingredients are and then explore the scientific evidence suggesting their effects on vaginal tightening, there is no way anyone can have an informed opinion or a surefire inference.


Claims of Vaginal Tightening Pills

There are many vaginal tightening pills that claim to restore libido by providing a natural alternative of estrogen and this apparently has an effect on the strength as well as form of the muscles. There are many pills that claim to be able to restore the muscular strength with the help of many herbal extracts. It is unclear how improving libido would have an impact on vaginal tightening when it is actually muscular strength that determines its firmness. Libido actually loosens the vagina during sex. Women who are not adequately aroused have tighter vagina and this often leads to painful sex. Many women are compelled to use lubricants because low libido or lack of sexual stimulation and subsequent arousal make vaginas drier and unresponsive to sexual intercourse. If libido was the answer to vaginal relaxation or loosening then those with amazing sex drive would have an even tighter vagina. But that is not the case.

Often, women experience their vaginas to be tighter after menopause because the levels of estrogen plummet and this has a direct impact on libido or sex drive. This proves a direct correlation between estrogen and vaginal tightness. Women with normal or high levels of estrogen would have a more lubricated, responsive and flexible vagina while having sex. This will of course get restored to the normal form and state when the estrogen level drops. Women do not have the same estrogen level all the time. It is a hormone and it is bound to fluctuate. The vaginal firmness and its ability to lubricate will depend on the availability of estrogen secreted by the body. Hence, restoring estrogen levels with the help of natural or herbal alternatives would lubricate the vagina and make it more flexible during sex. It would not tighten a vagina since that is not what estrogen does.

These two realities completely defeat the arguments of many companies and endorsers that natural alternatives for estrogen, aphrodisiacs and other herbal extracts can tighten the vaginal muscles. There are many vaginal tightening pills that have been found to be completely unsafe and ineffective. They are just voodoo pills that perhaps do nothing and worse, they may cause serious harm. The female body is anyway a complicated system and one should not pop in a random pill without knowing what it might do or be capable of. Endorsers of vaginal tightening pills often cite ingredients like Morinda Citrifolio or Noni and Kacip Fatimah as being effective against vaginal relaxation. Let us explore such claims too.

The Truth about Vaginal Tightening Pills

Morinda Citrifolia or Noni is a fruit. It is safe when you eat this fruit but medicinal use of the extracts of Noni has been deemed relatively unsafe. It is not outright dangerous and the extract of this fruit is indeed used for some health problems. However, there are some side effects too. Concentrated extracts of Noni can cause damage to liver and kidneys. Breastfeeding or lactating women should not consume this extract or the fruit even. Pregnant women must avoid it. Those who have high level of potassium or are vulnerable to retain more potassium in their blood than what is deemed normal should avoid this fruit and its extract. Noni is very rich in potassium. Morinda Citrifolia has been scientifically proven to being effective in treating some health conditions but it has not been studied for its effects on vaginal relaxation and hence cannot be classified as a vaginal tightening agent or herbal extract.

The other ingredient many endorsers claim to be effective in vaginal tightening pills is Kacip Fatimah. This is an herb. It has been used in traditional medicine in many Asian cultures, mostly Malaysia and later in Java and Sumatra. The herb is classified as an aphrodisiac. It is antibacterial, antifungal and anti flatulent. The entire plant may be used as the source of an extract. Its root, stem and leaves are also used separately or collectively for some extracts. The herb has quite a few health benefits for women. It is also deemed as a phytoestrogen, which is the natural alternative of estrogen found in plants. This is what makes it an aphrodisiac for women. Estrogen has not got a direct correlation with vaginal tightening. It is a causal factor for lubrication, sex drive or libido, sexual pleasure and orgasm. It does not cause any perpetual tightening of vagina. Since estrogen does not have any such ability, phytoestrogen being a natural alternative is no answer to vaginal relaxation.

These herbal extracts are not used in all vaginal tightening pills and some that do are not clear as to how much of the concentrates there is. The extracts can be unsafe in certain concentrations. For instance, Morinda Citrifolia should not be consumed by any woman who is vulnerable to estrogen sensitive cancers. Pregnant, lactating or breastfeeding women should not consume these extracts or the fruits and herbs in their natural form.

Topical Solutions are Safer and More Effective

A topical solution is always safer than a pill that needs to be ingested. A topical solution does not get to directly interact with the vital organs and causes no major changes to any of the life supporting functions of the various systems. Topical solutions are mostly facilitative. They target only the specific area where the cream or a gel is applied and do not interfere with other bodily functions. Pills on the other hand interfere with several bodily functions. Right from metabolism to the composition of blood, the secretion of many hormones to the normal functioning of different organs, pills may have positive or negative effects. Since most vaginal tightening pills do not have any scientific backing, they cannot be deemed as either effective or entirely safe.

You can choose a fitting alternative to vaginal tightening pills. V-Tight Gel is a completely natural remedy. It is a topical solution. There are no side effects and you can combine it with exercise as well as lifestyle and dietary changes. The V-Tight Gel would not interfere with your diet, sleep, sex life or anything else. It is a completely noninvasive remedy that is also reasonably priced.


How To Make Your Vagina Taste Good

Believe it or not, every single woman on the planet has a very distinct “vaginal fingerprint” that produces a completely unique taste and smell down there unlike anyone else’s.

This all has to do with your own individual biology, your genetics, and the good bacteria that live in, on, and around your vaginal region. The odds are pretty good that if you’ve ever asked a man what things taste like down there they’ve giving you a couple of different answers, which shows that the taste of your vagina can also be impacted by what you eat or consume recently, too.

Thankfully though, you can use this little bit of knowledge to your advantage. While you’re pretty much stuck with the genetic bacteria that live in this region, giving you a “baseline” smell and taste, you can also shake things up a bit down low with a couple of tips and tricks that we highlight in this quick guide.

Ready to jump in?

Let’s get right to it!


Scrub up on a regular basis

The easiest way (and the most obvious way) to make sure that your vagina smells and tastes a whole lot cleaner and a whole lot fresher is to – surprise, surprise – wash your lady bits a regular and routine basis.

Now, you don’t necessarily want to scrub up with a super fragrant soap or you’re going to with those scents and soapy tastes lingering a lot longer than you might have expected. Some guys are probably going to find that to be a lot less objectionable than the “raw deal”, but most of them aren’t going to want to feel like they are going down on a bar of soap, either.


Air things out

Another good idea to keep things nice and fresh is to air out the area on a regular basis, taking advantage of natural versus synthetic fibers and materials to give your vagina plenty of room to breathe.

Bacteria does best in damp areas, so if you keep yourself to bottled up down low you’re going to end up with a much more hyperactive batch of bacteria working double-overtime in your vaginal area. That’s going to cause some foul-smelling and foul-tasting action pretty quickly, something you’re looking to avoid altogether.

It’s not a bad idea to make sure that you wash your undergarments with laundry detergent that doesn’t contain any extra dyes or any extra fragrances, either. These kinds of detergents can start to mash the cotton fibers in your clothes together, cutting down on the amount of natural airflow that would have moved through them before – producing a much more stifling set of panties that’s going to cause all kinds of problems.


Don’t spray your vagina!

Perfumes can bring a floral and exciting smell to pretty much any area of your body, but the second that you start to spritz the vaginal area with alcohol-based or synthetic fragrance perfumes you’re going to kick the bacteria in the area into high gear and cause a whole lot more problems than you’d be able to cover up.

Believe it or not, the chemical components in pretty much every perfume in synthetic fragrance on the market today are going to do little more than dry out vagina (causing your body to ramp up moisture production) and then screw around with the pH balance of this part of your body.

Sure, you will be able to mask things for a little while – but by the time an hour or so has passed things are going to be a whole lot worse than when you started!


Wax rather than shave (and try not to go all-natural)

Whenever you sweat, your body hair – especially pubic hair – is going to trap each and every one of those older producing molecules, and before you know it you are going to be dealing with an overwhelmingly smelly area.

When you choose to wax your vaginal area (and we’re not just talking about a quick bikini wax, but taking everything off) you are not just only going to be able to “dress things up” down there but you’re also going to be able to completely remove the potential for odor molecules to cling onto anything at all.


Baby wipes beat toilet paper hands down

One of the smartest things you can do (aside from investing in a high-quality bidet) is to carry around a couple of baby wipes in your purse or have a stockpile at home so that you can effectively and quickly clean up your entire vaginal area when you take a trip to the toilet.

Not only are these wipes specifically designed to be as gentle and as friendly to one of the most sensitive areas on your body, but they are also going to work wonders to completely clean your vagina in ways that toilet paper never could.

Not only will you get rid of any extra odor and clean up the taste of everything down low, but you’re also going to be able to dramatically reduce the potential for urinary tract and vaginal infections.


Does eating pineapple really make your vagina taste good?

Believe it or not, you really are able to change the way you taste and the way you smell by the things that you put in to your body on a regular basis.


Right out of the gate, you’ll want to make sure that you are drinking plenty of water. When you are appropriately hydrated you’re going to have a lot less to worry about in this department. When you are dehydrated, your body is going to be doing all kinds of crazy things to compensate – and your natural bacteria count will shoot through the roof.

Secondly, smart food choices really will make a world of difference as far as how you taste and how you smell is concerned.

Eating pineapple will give a (surprise, surprise) pineapple taste, eating strawberries or honey will do the same, and drinking beverages with quite a bit of mint in them will give you a nice fresh smell and taste, too.


Vaginal Steaming: Does It Really Work?

Vaginal steaming is a simple process of exposing and hence treating your vagina and pubic area to steam. The steam is often infused with volatile oils and other active compounds found in different kinds of herbs. In a way, it is an herbal remedy that uses steam for the diffusion of the desired nutrients. Vaginal steaming is considered a natural remedy and this is indeed true. However, there are different reasons why you may consider vaginal steaming and the impacts would obviously vary. Let us explore everything you would want to know about vaginal steaming.


What is Vaginal Steaming?

Take a few useful herbs, put them in a container filled with steam or use a special device that can produce steam and diffuse the volatile organic compounds in the herbs, then carry the nutrients infused vapors to your vagina, penetrate the skin or the soft tissues and eventually enter the bloodstream. You may choose to squat over the device or container. You may sit on a chair or a special throne that has a hole in it so you are not in an uncomfortable posture. It is quite difficult to squat for several minutes to get treated this way. There are upscale spas that offer vaginal steaming. You would sit on a special chair that is as comfortable as a reclining couch. The spas would charge a substantial sum of money for a session. You can choose the herbs that would be used in the process. You may also choose to simply use steam without any herbs but it is better if you enrich the vapors with some essential oils and other volatile organic compounds that would offer more benefits.


Ingredients of Vaginal Steaming

You need water, as the source of the steam. You need a device or container that can heat the water to produce steam. There are state of the art steam or vapor generators that you may use. The herbs that are usually chosen for vaginal steaming are wormwood, calendula, mugwort, chamomile, oregano and basil. You can use just one herb or you may combine a few of these. All these are commonly used for a myriad of purposes so they can be deemed to be safe. If there are any risks, then that would be specifically about vaginal steaming itself or the process and not necessarily the herbs.


Vaginal Steaming at Home

You can take a basin or a bucket, fill it up with hot water or you can use water at room temperature if you have a portable heater to warm it and generate steam in due course of time, add around a cup of the herb you choose or a combination of different herbs, let the natural wonders get soaked and steeped in for a minute. You can let the herbs soften and warm up for longer than a minute. As you notice some steam, remove your bathrobe and squat or stand over the container, use a towel to wrap your legs and waist so you do not let any steam out and enjoy the steaming for anywhere between half an hour and an hour. Steady heat may be necessary in some cases or the steam will cool down and there would be no vapors at all. Do not overheat the water as extremely hot steam can cause burns.


Benefits of Vaginal Steaming

Vaginal steaming has been hailed by some celebrities. There are some doctors who have endorsed the natural remedy for many reasons. Vaginas tend to endure a lot of changes, including pain and sheer physiological challenges in due course of time.

Menstruation has its long and sustained impact on the shape, structure and even health of the vagina. Sexual intercourse has its merits and demerits. Childbirth is one major challenge. When you consider vaginal relaxation and the weakening of pelvic muscles, you may be staring at a crisis. Your vagina may feel much more relaxed than it should be. The vaginal muscles may not be as controllable as they must be. You may not feel sufficiently aroused or stimulated enough during sex. Like other parts of the body and especially muscles and skin, vagina can get bruised, wounded and inflamed. The skin does suffer wear and tear. There is pigmentation. The muscles can become weaker. There can be substantial pain too, not just menstrual cramps or bloating but also during sex if there is limited lubrication and if the sensory nerves are pinched.

Apparently, vaginal steaming can reduce different kinds of discomfort. It can reduce bloating and avert the feeling of exhaustion. Menstruation can become much more bearable if you have a vaginal steaming routine, not exactly when you have periods but before and after. Irregular menstrual cycles can be better regulated. Women have also reported a reduction in their menstrual flow and the brown or dark purple blood that are common at the start of menstruation and towards the end.

Vaginal steaming may possibly have an impact on fertility as the steam infused with the organic active compounds in the herbs get to the bloodstream and can enrich the uterus. Vaginal steaming can heal the uterus and also attend to the health of the reproductive system, even after childbirth. The natural remedy may be able to treat ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, uterine prolapsed and weakness. Hemorrhoids can be effectively treated with a recommended cure with some assistance from vaginal steaming. The vapor infused with herbal nutrients can treat yeast infections in the vagina and also eliminate bad odor. Menopause becomes more manageable and you may get relief from the symptoms.

Many women who go for routine vaginal steaming have reported experiencing less stress and depression, reduced infections and cured hemorrhoids, enhanced fertility and hormonal balance, reduced fatigue and headaches, better digestion and less pain that usually has varying causes at different times.


Does Vaginal Steaming Really Work?

It is a little unclear if vaginal steaming actually works. There is extremely limited scientific evidence arguing either way. There is historical evidence substantiating the traditional use of mugwort to cure certain pressure points in the body to remedy obvious problems. The process of burning the herb mugwort is known as moxibustion. This is a well established practice in traditional Chinese medicine. However, there is no scientific evidence yet that shows vaginal steaming with mugwort to have any impact on the vagina, the skin or the muscles, the uterus or the pelvic floor, reproductive health or anything else, such as fertility or hormonal secretions. Most researches and studies conducted on the benefits or moxibustion are inconclusive and many are actually contradictory.

There is some scientific evidence proving a relaxed sensation when a woman goes for vagina steaming. Anyone in a cold or relatively cooler climate will feel relaxed when exposed to steam. There is no irrefutable evidence proving anything beyond this sensation. The skin on and around the vagina is extremely sensitive and it is also highly porous. It is quite likely that the steam would penetrate the skin through the pores that become wider due to exposure to warmth and the diffused nutrients from the herbs will be absorbed by the skin and the soft tissues underneath. However, to what extent these nutrients are able to penetrate our muscles and if at all they get to our bloodstream is rather unfounded at this stage.

Many gynecologists argue that sitting in a hot tub or soaking in a tub of warm or steaming water may have the same effect as vaginal steaming. The same medical experts point out to the cultural relevance of vaginal steaming rather than its purported benefits, none of which are scientifically proven. The vagina is fully capable of healing itself, much like other parts of the human body. It is hence a little farfetched to imagine that the vagina needs to be cleaned with steam or herbs for that matter. To the flipside, there could be some side effects of vaginal steaming.

Vaginal steaming involves exposing the area to hot vapor. It goes without saying that the vagina, including the insides, will get exposed to a certain degree of heat that is not usual. The vapor would have a much higher temperature than the natural body temperature inside the vagina. The increase in temperature can make the vagina an ideal environment for various types of bacteria. It is quite possible to have a bacterial infection or some yeast, fungal or viral infections simply because the increase in temperature leads to a contraction or the incubation of already existent microbes in and around the vagina, thereby causing an outbreak.

Inflamed tissues in and around the vagina may get further irritated and there can be a flare-up. There can be other side effects depending on the exact temperature of the steam. Not everyone can regulate the heat used to generate the steam. The vapors may not have consistent temperature and it is quite demanding to be impeccably precise with everything during the entire process. To conclude, science does not say if vaginal steaming is safe and it does not back the perceived benefits of the remedy.


How to Tighten Your Vagina with Vinegar

Women must deal with a lot of things that men will never understand. For instance, only a woman’s genitalia change shape and size due to natural processes. Between having sex and giving birth, the vagina can become a lot less tight over time. In fact, just the natural reduction of general muscle tone and skin elasticity contribute heavily to the change. Because of this, ladies have been searching for a way to tighten up down there since the beginning of time.


Long before medical-grade topical treatments and risky surgeries were the norm, women used a variety of natural products to constrict their vaginas. While some of those home remedies are based on little more than urban legends and wives’ tales, products such as apple cider vinegar have a uniquely accurate and surprisingly effective track record.

Unfortunately, it’s become a common misconception that a woman’s vaginal tightness is merely a matter of cosmetics and/or aesthetics. In reality, though, there are several serious and often embarrassing medical concerns that arise when a woman’s vagina isn’t as constricted as it once was. For example, a loose vagina may cause some or all of the following health and lifestyle problems:

Stress incontinence

This symptom of a loose vagina is sometimes referred to as “urine leakage” and differs greatly from common incontinence because it happens only during activities that cause stress on the bladder (laughing, coughing, sneezing, jumping, etc.).

Loss of Sensation

This symptom occurs when a woman’s vagina is no longer tight enough to grip fingers or a penis, causing a generalized reduction in sexual pleasure for both her and her partner.

Reduced Pleasure

When women achieve orgasm, their pelvic floor begins to pulse and contract. However, a loose vagina may make it nearly impossible to reach climax because the vaginal muscles aren’t as strong or tight as before.

Millions of women suffer from a loosened vagina and/or weak pelvic wall, but they are not all willing to undergo surgery, ingest medications, or apply potentially harmful topical ointments to their most sensitive area. Instead, many women seek natural remedies that can be used in the privacy of their own home. One such remedy is apple cider vinegar but knowing how and when to use it the most important part.


How Apple Cider Vinegar Helps Tighten the Vagina

Those who have either smelled or tasted apple cider vinegar know how pungent it is. That intensity is caused by an extremely high level of acidity. In fact, the acidity of apple cider vinegar is one of the main reasons the substance is so commonly used in natural remedies.

Applying apple cider vinegar directly to your vagina may sting a bit. Furthermore, regular applications can actually damage and/or desensitize the skin if you’re not careful. However, due to the intrinsic nature of apple cider vinegar, it can effectively tighten the vaginal muscles when used correctly.

Here is how it works:

  • Combine a ½ cup of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of distilled water.
  • Heat the mixture to a temperature that’s comfortable to the touch. NOTE: It’s not recommended that you use the microwave as it may cause uneven heating.
  • Pour the mixture into an empty douche bottle. NOTE: Do not reuse an old douche. Instead, simply empty out the container of an unused douche and use the nozzle for the next step.
  • Insert the douche into your vagina as far as you can and squeeze the solution out slowly.

Do your best to get a good, thorough wash down there. Then, allow the solution to drip out of your vagina naturally throughout the day. Wear a pad to catch any excess moisture.

Important Considerations When Using Apple Cider Vinegar to Tighten Your Vagina

Using apple cider vinegar is safe and effective, but there are some important things to consider beforehand. For once, always refrain from having sex, inserting tampons, or using sex toys for at least 24 hours after using this solution. Do not attempt this remedy while you’re on your period or have a urinary tract infection. If irritation occurs, stop immediately.

Try to repeat this routine at least once or twice per week until you reach a desired tightness level. As an added bonus, apple cider will also cleanse your vaginal canal in the process. On the contrary, however, washing your vagina with this solution too often can disrupt the natural, healthy bacteria inside. Therefore, it’s important not to go overboard. If you’re unsure how this home remedy will affect you, simply speak with your gynecologist before trying it.

Note that there is no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of using apple cider vinegar to tighten the vagina. Therefore, you won’t likely find any information pertaining to it online or at a doctor’s office. If you’re uncertain about using this remedy, there are other things you can do to increase the muscle tone and elasticity of your lady parts.

Apple Cider Vinegar Alternatives

Sex therapists typically recommend using a safe and natural tightening approach called kegel exercises. Kegels are done by manually contracting the muscles of the pelvic floor. One way to familiarize yourself with the muscles associated with that area is to interrupt the flow of your urine midstream.

Kegel exercises are commonly used by women, especially after childbirth, to decrease stress incontinence and tighten the vagina. While apple cider vinegar is very inexpensive, kegels are completely free, 100% safe, highly effective, and supported by the medical community. A combination of kegels and apple cider vinegar may render significant results in a very short amount of time.

Another great option is to consider a natural vaginal tightening cream which is a great alternative to using vinegar.

The Final Verdict

Apple cider vinegar has been used for millennia by women who want to tighten up their vaginas in a safe and natural way. While modern science has yet to determine the effectiveness of this home remedy, millions of women swear by it either way. So, unless you have some aversion to the smell or an allergic concern, you should be able to benefit from it as well. If all else fails, perform some kegels in your spare time.



How To Make Your Vagina Look Pretty

Pretty Vagina

There are many ways to make your vag look pretty. Some are invasive but you can always go for noninvasive and aesthetic ways to perk up the nether region. You can add some bling, invest in routine grooming or pick a healthy way to make your vaginal lips and muscles stronger as well as prettier at the same time. Here is a comprehensive guide illustrating how to make your vagina look pretty.

  • You can choose a wig for your genital area. This is commonly known as merkin. You can explore a plethora of merkins online. They vary in size, shape and color. You can find distinct patterns. There are some common colors that would match your natural pubic hair, some may accentuate the skin tone down there and some can be quite bold, which may not be a bad option for those special kinky moments. There is a whole realm of beautiful merkins out there, from red hearts to quirky toupees.
  • You may consider vajazzling. This is like jewelling your pubic area. There are various types of crystals available and they can add just the kind of bling you want. You may also choose some precious metal or gemstone if you can afford them. There are women who buy gold whiskers and sterling silver ornaments for their vaginal beautification.
  • You can choose to bleach your vaginal lips, also known as labia. Bleaching the labia (vaginal whitening) is not as painful as you may perceive. You have to choose a reliable and safe product, one that would not cause any inflammation or infection, one that would not lead to itchiness or any kind of irritation and one that will safely accentuate the vaginal lips without causing any damage to the skin. Normal bleaches would not work for your labia. There are special gels meant for vaginal labia. Some of these could be expensive but then safety does come at a cost.
  • Many women prefer vaginal laser rejuvenation. Of the various cosmetic surgeries that you can explore, laser vaginal rejuvenation is both healthy and accentuating. Your vagina would be cleaner, the cells would be rejuvenated and the muscles would be stimulated. Your vagina would also be lubricated as a result. The procedure is invasive but it is not painful at all. You can have the session after work or even during your midday break if you have enough time. It is an outpatient procedure. You do not have to get admitted. You may not even need anyone to drive you back to your home or office.
  • Since we are talking about tiny crystals, wigs, jewelry and bleach, it is only fitting that you consider some lipstick for your vulva. This is not at all outlandish. Many women use vulva lipstick and some of these products can actually be beneficial. Vaginal lips are different from facial lips but they have one thing in common. Both can get chafed over time. Vulva lipstick can take care of your vaginal labia. There is a myriad of colors you can explore and you should actually have a palette at your disposal.
  • You must have heard of vaginal facial. Some people call it vagacial. Let aside the nomenclature and think of the various benefits of vaginal facial. Older people are recommended to go for a facial, not solely for the cosmetic or aesthetic benefits. Facial can counter and even reverse some signs of ageing, even if the results are temporary. Vaginal facial would cleanse the area, moisturize the lips and the surrounding region and you would have a much smoother vagina. This may not be much of an elusive goal for young women. Older women know how vaginas deteriorate over the years, just like other parts of the body.
  • Waxing is a customary grooming ritual for women. Brazilian wax has always been popular among women. You can choose Brazilian wax or you may go for a French wax. The result is prettier with the latter. You may hire a specialist or go for one of the premium spas in town. You may also choose to do this yourself. Many women around the world have learned Brazilian wax and French wax on their own. There is no dearth of videos online. You may take a session or two to master it if you are completely unfamiliar but you will save some money.
  • Yoni egg is one of the kinkier options on this list. You have to basically put this crystal into your vagina and the smaller beads effectively hang out like it is an earring for your vagina. This is not ideal for every woman but there are times when you can toy with some unconventional ways to spice things up. The yoni egg has no risks whatsoever and sexual intercourse can be more pleasurable. It can be particularly lustful if that is something you want.
  • If you are not averse to the idea of an invasive procedure then you can consider piercing your clitoris. There are two options at your disposal. You can pierce the head of the clitoris. This is not exactly the clitoris but the hood and you must have enough of it to facilitate the piercing. The other option is to pierce the clitoris itself. This is not ideal as you could damage a nerve or more in the process. Many women consider this but only some women go for it. You can avoid this if you want but an option exists so you should be aware. The procedure does require some recovery time. Sexual intercourse can be painful for some weeks. Women who choose to pierce their clitoris often report being too sensitive to touch, let aside actual intercourse.
  • A better alternative is a labia clip that does not have to be pierced. It is kind of a clip on that looks just like something you would sport if you had a pierced clitoris but there is no invasive process here and no major risks. These clips come in various colors and styles.
  • You can also consider using a natural vaginal tightening gel, like V-Tight Gel, to improve your vaginal tightness without the need to consider dangerous surgery. This is certainly a much cheaper and safer alternative to vagioplasty too.